Flying Horse Slot – BIG WIN BONUS – SUPER SWEET!

Super Big Win Video Information:

The Flying Horse slot machine by Ainsworth is one of the original “Sweet Zone” games!

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In Sweet Zone games, landing a special symbol in reels 2 or 4 will expand the reel completely wild or expand 3 reels wild if you land that special symbol in the center! This is not an extremely rare occurrence, so the payouts in the game are on the low side, with 100x being the top award if you land both sweet zones during the bonus on a single spin.

The bonus is triggered by landing 3 or more bonus symbols for 8 free spins. During the bonus 3 or more bonus symbols will retrigger for 5 additional spins. The bonus also has a respin feature where one extra spin is awarded if you land one sweet zone symbol in the center, which is held over on your respin giving you a second chance to fill the screen. If you land both sweet zone symbols in the center and fill the screen on a single spin, the respin feature is not triggered. Unlike most games, the payout during the bonus for a full screen of wilds is actually HIGHER during the bonus, than a standard paid game: 100x versus 50x, so combined with the respin, you are given more of a chance at a Big Win or Jackpot, Enjoy!

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Flying Horse Slot – BIG WIN BONUS – SUPER SWEET!

12 thoughts on “Flying Horse Slot – BIG WIN BONUS – SUPER SWEET!

  1. I have never seen two bonuses in the first two spins on any machine. Crazy luck man!

  2. "Let's see if oh my god" lol first 2 spins back to back bonuses, crazy. Glad that last bonus paid nice too. Hard to get that full screen of wilds. Great job sir!

  3. I really enjoy your vids. Not only are they entertaining they are informative, I see new slots all the time and it makes me want to play them. I do not gamble much but I go to my casino (Allegany Seneca in Salamanca NY I look for the slots you have featured.

  4. OmG TheBigpayback I really hate watching your winnings lol. Congratulations!!

  5. DO-IT……. FILL IT UP!!…… COME ON……COME ON……DO -ITTTTTTTTT……. TO BAD……. REDEMPTION……. 👍🏼👎🏼👍🏼👎🏼👍🏼👎🏼?

  6. First spin bonus. Followed by a back-up-spin 2nd bonus. Are you amazing or what! And then it was so funny when you tried three times to do it again. Only thing that could have been better would have been getting a first spin hand-pay like Brian Christopher did today. Super Sweet wins on the flying horse. Great double sweet zone full screen of wins to end it all. Great game BP.

  7. Does anyone know how the major jackpot screen would look like I think I hit it but I didn’t get anything 😭

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