Gold Bar 7s Slot – BIG WIN – Blackout Pay?!

Super Big Win Video Information:

The Gold Bar 7s slot machine by IGT can be found in a few different configurations such as this 3-reel 27 line configuration or even a 5-reel mechanical version. I believe there are also video versions of the game, too! There isn’t a bonus in this slot, but it does allow for a “Blackout Pay” which is achieved by filling the screen with all gold 7s or all silver 7s: wild symbols will also qualify you for a blackout pay and line pays are paid IN ADDITION to any blackout pay, a great feature! At an odd $5.40 max bet, I gave it a shot with a good result, Enjoy!


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Gold Bar 7s Slot – BIG WIN – Blackout Pay?!

12 thoughts on “Gold Bar 7s Slot – BIG WIN – Blackout Pay?!

  1. So many 3 reel games posted by filmers today! It didn't take you long to get to the back-up spin this time. Easy and early – that's how we like those hits.

  2. Yes" the rooster1122", I agree .It would show that you're human and do lose occasionally. or at least lose and then add money, play and then hit.At least you push the take button so we don't have to waste time with the "coin show" which we've all done, so thank you for that…….

  3. I love watching you win! Can you say whether you live on the west coast or not.

  4. That was quick and nice! I'm not a reel "lover" but there are some good wins to be had on them! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I like to watch the winning videos I already see enough of my losses! Plus you may post I winning video but have already had 25 losses!

  6. It's cool to watch people win. if I wanted to watch someone lose at the casino, I would just tape my own play.

  7. Got a nice quick win on this machine today. 4 spins in and 1 away from all gold 7s, and another good line hit on the backup.

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