Handpay Jackpot! Our Biggest Video Poker Win Ever!

Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

Steve and Matt Bourie from the American Casino Guide book play Super Times Pay Super Stacks which randomly offers both multipliers and bonus hands. They are on a five-play version of Double Double Bonus, which is a volatile game, plus there’s added volatility because of the multipliers and extra hands that are randomly awarded. It’s a wild ride and a fun conclusion when they hit a big hand that results in a handpay jackpot!

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Handpay Jackpot! Our Biggest Video Poker Win Ever!

44 thoughts on “Handpay Jackpot! Our Biggest Video Poker Win Ever!

  1. All wins are "taxable". Even the 10$ ones. Why do you call the handpay as "taxable" then?

  2. Good hit on that game. Just enough to tax it, unbelievable.

  3. What is the secret of getting good dealt hands in multiline video poker?

  4. Congrats on the handpay. What a beautiful hand! Just goes to show how a single hand can turn it all around. Shout out video poker!

  5. This was awesome! Finally a good win! You deserve it! Congratulations! 🥳🥳😎

  6. When dealt two pair in double double, and one of the pairs is JJ+, can you explain the logic in keeping the two pair as opposed to just keeping the one large pair when they are both paid equally but you are limiting yourself to a FH as opposed to drawing to quads?

  7. Nice win guys love your videos, been "gambling" a long time back to the days of AC in NJ, now here in Florida. MGM Beau Rivage in Biloxi MS. comps wife and I mostly air fare from Daytona 3 or 4 night stay go about 4 or 5 times per year. We play nothing but blackjack, along with only myself Texas Holdem and video poker. Las Vegas last Nov another trip planned in Oct of this year, both stays at Mandalay Bay love that wave pool. So question what casinos in Las Vegas have this type of video porker machines? Thanks.

  8. When playing double double bonus I notice people don't hold 2 to the royal if one of them is the 10 and they hold 2 pair when one is Jack's or better, I only hold the bigger pair for a chance at quads and I always hold 2 to the royal if there's nothing better

  9. Good hit! I have to say I'm more entertained by the banter than by the cards, but both are fun!

  10. When you hold two pair and one is payable looking for a full house and eliminating any chance for a quad is just stupid.

  11. I don't know where you people learned how to play poker but I sure wouldn't play the way you guys do

  12. Cmon, guys! Confess already.

    You guys are Paid Shills who are in collusion with the Management of these Casinos 🎰 in order to advertise these new games.

    They cleverly turned up the Winning Ratios for your Video demonstrations so that you win big and People come in to play in droves. Then after you’re done, they Revert the Games back to their normal losing levels for the Sucker Players like me and the rest of the public!
    Right? Tell the Truth!

    If I go play this game with my $500, I will get wiped out and lose every dollar. 💵 Isn’t that right?

    So thanks for the entertaining Video.
    I’ll stick to the Live Table games instead! You almost had me!
    But No 🎲 Dice!!

    I wasn’t born yesterday!
    I’ve heard of just about every sham and scam there is.
    Have a Nice life! 👏🏻🎲

  13. Never ever hold 2 pair, such an armature move. You have better odds at making more by gambling on just holding the higher top pair or if it's a 2 card pair. Ugh

  14. Awww that's the ironic terribleness of it, if you had won just a little bit less you could've have avoided the whole tax man encounter. Oh well, congrats anyway.

  15. Led Zeppelin playing in the background, Physical Graffiti album from 1975, Trampled Under Foot. One of their best songs. I have been listening to Led Zeppelin for 25 years. I know their music when I hear it.

  16. Back to the Future reference. I heard that before in 1985. Biff talking to George McFly.

  17. JACKPOT GENTS= who da f?, you wrote the book how could ya lose. Am I right.>>? I DID NOT KNOW OF THIS change………when? did it happen?

  18. This guy needs some help. You don’t keep 2 pair in double double with no multiplier. He left a lot on table

  19. Irs website says all gambling income is taxable. The jackpot form just means it gets reported.

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