Hawaiian Shores Slot – First Look, 300+ Free Games, Super Big Win in New Konami Slot

Super Big Win Video Information:

A First Look at Konami’s New Hawaiian Shores slot. This is a China Shores type game, and appears to be a clone of China Mystery Boosted Wins and Spins. This is a 30-line machine, but with the Xtra Reward Reel, it’s effectively a 60-line game. Like China Shores, it has Action Stacks for full-screens, Wilds that count as bonus, and the possibility of triggering hundreds of free games. Normal free games are 2x. Like China Mystery Boosted Wins and Spins, there are Super Free Games where all wins are multiplied by 7x, 12x or 18x! However, you get 1 Super Free Game for every 5 normal free games. Any remaining free games are awarded as normal free games at 2x. This game is in Konami’s new Concerto cabinet. Now, I don’t know if this is normal, but the reels spun like rapid fire. Occasionally, it would spin normally, but 99% of the time, all 5 reels would drop at once. Also, seems the touchscreen calibration was off, so I couldn’t switch to back to the Balance of Fortune in the bonus. Taken at Barona casino/hotel in Lakeside, CA.

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Hawaiian Shores Slot – First Look, 300+ Free Games, Super Big Win in New Konami Slot

12 thoughts on “Hawaiian Shores Slot – First Look, 300+ Free Games, Super Big Win in New Konami Slot


  2. I've hit 2000 hand pays every day for 2000 days straight? Wtf do I have a day time job for? I just got fired for gambling to much? Wow another hand pay a day?

  3. Great narration Shinobi & a great win! Shinobi Slots Channel & Alberts Slot Channel are the best ever. You both sound alike with great descriptions & the same tone in both your voices. Could both of these channels be the great "Albert Lee"? If so, keep it going. I'm one of your avid fans & would love to play with you one day. {In a casino). May your LUCK always be with you. I am "1ten2"

  4. what a WASTE!!!! You had 60 SUPER GAMES! absolutely 100% take the super games if it's more than 20 EVERY TIME the hits are SO much bigger.

  5. I've played this game a LOT and have NEVER hit more than about 60 free games. super lucky to trigger that, next time take the super games . you will come out way farther ahead

  6. Idk why watching them drop that way made me uncomfortable. Lol. Probably because it reminds me of the aggressive people sitting by me beating machines to stop. And they can be mad cussing the machine out.
    But I do love these stacked Konami games.

  7. i got the first 3 reels and got almost 600 free spins and ended out winning 1698 on 60 cent bet 😀

  8. I won one time with only 45 bet for 8 free games. I choose 1 super free game and 3 free game and I won 497 dollars for the bonus game! Be sure to choose super game next time!

  9. You probably shoulda let the reels spin on ther own a few spins instead of keep on stoppin them. Mita had more big wins by lettin it roll. Awsum hit tho

  10. Sorry man thought that was you stoppin it til i read the comments further. My bad. Great hit

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