Heidi’s Bier Haus Slot – Live Play and Fun, Big Win Bonus with Hans Spins in my First Attempt

Super Big Win Video Information:

My First Attempt at SG Gaming’s new Heidi’s Bier Haus slot, the latest entry in the Bier Haus series. Played along with fellow YouTubers, BeamMeUpSlotty (my brother), KURI Slot and AKAFUJI Slot. The game is in a nice new cabinet (though difficult to fully record). The game is setup in a 6×6 reelset. There is normal mode where minimum bet is 50-cents and Prost mode where the beer taps are active, but minimum bet is now 75-cents. If active, on any given spin, Heidi may award 1 to 6 wild reels. This feature occurs so frequently, I recommend playing in this mode since it’s a lot more fun. Stacks of symbols, including wild/bonus on all reels could lead to full-screens. As usual with Bier Haus, at least 5 bonus symbols left to right trigger free games. Purple bonus symbols become sticky wilds and you can re-trigger and add additional games and stickies. New to this version is the Red Heidi. If she lands on reel 4, this triggers the wheel bonus. With the wheel bonus you may win progressives, extra games or the Hans Wild Spins feature (and maybe more, not sure). With the Hans Wild Spins, during the free spins, he may show up and award additional wilds. To compensate for the features and progressives, line pays have been reduced. You’d need a good long bonus for decent returns or a progressive. Nevertheless, it’s a very fun version that I would like to play again. Taken at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, NV.

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Heidi’s Bier Haus Slot – Live Play and Fun, Big Win Bonus with Hans Spins in my First Attempt

12 thoughts on “Heidi’s Bier Haus Slot – Live Play and Fun, Big Win Bonus with Hans Spins in my First Attempt

  1. Loved to see everyone have such a good time and happy to hear Kuri finally laugh.nice one.

  2. lots of fun as always. like vegas low roller said below sometimes the pays on the games can be a bit stingy, but low variance which give longer quality of play and more bonuses i really enjoy myself sometimes. so many of them online. nice video as always ; )

  3. Looks like a fun slot – hope it hits the east coast maybe I'll do better on this one – never had luck on the original- great win 👍

  4. Nice video! Honestly I think the original is still the best but these are still new and it might be too early to tell.

  5. I haven't been much of a Heidi fan until this one came out. Lots of ways to get your bet back and then some, without having to rigger the bonus. Now that song is stuck in my head…"Come on down to Heidi's, join us for beer… La La La Lala, lalalalalala…" Hahahaha – Great bonus videos – congrats

  6. I played this and smoked it after one I continued to get bonusus of 50 spins and retriggers of 40 _. This has happened everutime I play noe one can beat me

  7. Great video, very fun to watch. Awesome bonus. Thanks for sharing. You do a fantastic job making your videos Shinobi.

  8. Nice!

    Thanks for sharing your videos. New subscriber here…..

    Double Blessings is a favorite of mine. I’ve had some good handpays on it. I have some up on my channel…..

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