How To Win On Bovada Slots – 5 Tips – 777 Deluxe! 🎰

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🔞 Gamble only with the money you can afford to lose, do not gamble when under the influence, and remember that the casino always wins in the long run.
Visit to seek help for gambling addiction.

This video is an Example of how to play slots & to be considered educational for the viewers.

How To Win On Bovada Slots – 5 Tips – 777 Deluxe! 🎰

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How To Win On Bovada Slots – 5 Tips – 777 Deluxe! 🎰

14 thoughts on “How To Win On Bovada Slots – 5 Tips – 777 Deluxe! 🎰

  1. I would love to see how you like the new game “Super Wilds,” on Bovada! Awesome channel, by the way!! Really enjoy watching you win! Haha

  2. Says to not max bet while playing $10 spins with only $200 lmao. If you only have $200 you should be betting like $1 max, MAYBE $2. No absolutes, however imo it’s all about longevity. Believe me, I won 17.4K with $1 bets on Bovada.

  3. In the last year I’ve won roughly 270k off bovoda slots. XL reels and wheels paid me 230K 7 months ago and Crazy Christmas gave me 37k last week

  4. Slots have been ass for me lately hit a bonus after maybe 300 spins got 10$ lol

  5. Started out with 100 and played reels and wheels xl. Set it to auto play at .20 bets. Got up to like 400. Set it to $2 bets. Slowly got up to 1000 and hit a jackpot. Got me to 7200. Cashed out and left 100 in there. The next day I run that down to 0 in no time. Next morning at like 5 am I cash in rewards for a free $50. Within a half hour hit for another 2k. Only pattern is I won big at like 3-530 am.

  6. I started out with 120 played on my breaks at work kept going up till I was at like 400 now it was addicting now I’m constantly going to the bathroom at work and every time I go to the bathroom I’m up like 150 bucks till I was a home and I hit for 1800 netting about 3600 in the next couple days or so and I cashed in collected all my money through Apple Pay and zelle and then tried doing it again lost 100 bucks did it again lost again added another 50 complete bust then I just stopped playing completely moral of the story if you win cash in and don’t play again possibly make a new account cuz if they see you made money there ganna collect it all because now your just chasing that win next thing you know your in a hole stay safe and have fun

  7. On the "let em ride" table poker game I won 20k on small bets. That progressive kept hitting 4 of a kind and It didn't even feel real. Once I won the 1st 500 on a dollar bet plus progressive everytime I upped my bet I'd hit another 4 of a kind until I got up for right at 20k! Just a fun story

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