12 thoughts on “Huge Comeback Win on Whales of Cash Original !! Super Hot Machine

  1. Started with $100 on Whales of Cash super hot machine. I went down to $3.02 but then got seven bonuses within 30 minutes and end up with 385X win.

  2. All nice bonuses, but the last on was excellent! Seems like your poor neighbor wasn't doing as well. I still like this old classic game, but I haven't played it in ages! Thanks for sharing my friend🍀👍😊!

  3. That's brutal with the cooler lady next to you hitting the glass. That drives me crazy.

  4. What a hot streak! From being down to $3 to hitting that beautiful $500 bonus at the end. Huge congrats and continued good luck to you!

  5. What a comeback! This was awesome! I wish all days could be like this! Have a fantastic weekend my friend! 🐼🐾😊

  6. Awesome comeback wins on Whales of Cash. Congratulations Fred. Big thumbs up 93 🙂

  7. Great bonus win from last spin. Thanks for sharing one of our favorite slot game. Thumbs up. We just subscribed to your channel. Please visit and help Safari Slots. Thank you 😊😎🤗

  8. I love AA Slots! Whales Of Cash can pay so good! It is the Bonus that will make or break ta! Shout out to everyone! Take care — keep up the nice comebacks!

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