HUGE Win! HANDPAY! Super Monopoly Money!

Super Big Win Video Information:

Note: 700 videos TOTAL, LOL. I have some unlisted.

I always enjoy this game. It can be extremely tough at times, but when it’s hot, it’s on FIRE! Check out my amazing comeback on my last $40!

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HUGE Win! HANDPAY! Super Monopoly Money!

12 thoughts on “HUGE Win! HANDPAY! Super Monopoly Money!

  1. I just got a lesson on this slot!!! Ive played this and didn't know what the hell I was doing Lol!!! Congratulations on you're 700th Pimp and you're awesome win!!!;)

  2. Hey just for personnal info, was it your real last 40$ in your pockets or just that 40$ remained in the machine?

  3. Congrats on hitting 700 videos and better yet congrats on your big win! I don't know what I would have done as far as the spinning the wheel, in the past I spin, but if all I had been doing is losing previously to getting a win like this I might take the sure thing too.

  4. Once and a while these machines hit.  Lol.  NICE WINS!!  Most I've ever had to spin up top was $20 and change.  Wise move taking the 5x guarantee!

  5. where is this recorded? in Vegas, or even in Colorado where im from, Handpays arent executed until you reach over 1K

  6. gave my girlfriend a 100 bucks at the casino and she never gambles at all….she found this machine "fun: andshe got up to 300 in monopoly money in like 20 mins through like 90 free spins…spun the 1st hundred got 3 times and took the guaranteed 5 times for the rest….its so rare to get over 5 times anyways so good choice man….i would have done the same

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