22 thoughts on “HUGE WIN on Mental – SUPER BONUS!!!!

  1. These little clowns live at home with mum and play on demo mode stop buying in to there bs and wake up

  2. I need to try this slot 😁 👍You dont want to gamble by your self any more Prod ?

  3. Nolimit is always king. I've maxed on xboot, and multiple 10kx's to 20kx's. And on mental I've hit a 30,000x twice. Lmao they are so ****ing op!!
    Edit: just finished the vid, 1,000x on autopsy?! Wtf!😂😂😂😂 ggs bro

  4. Very nice Prod, i feel like Mental is one of those slots, with a huge potential, that can actually hit. 🙂

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