Hunt For 15 Gold Heads! Ep. #79 at Rampart Casino in Las Vegas with a VegasLowRoller Appearance!

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Continuing my Hunt for 15 Gold Heads in Las Vegas. VegasLowRoller was in the house so he makes a cameo appearance! I think this is the first time in this series where I decide to go max bet all the way. Max bet was $3.60 on this machine. Does it help? Do I get any of VegasLowRoller’s luck? Taken at Rampart casino in Las Vegas, NV.

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Hunt For 15 Gold Heads! Ep. #79 at Rampart Casino in Las Vegas with a VegasLowRoller Appearance!

26 thoughts on “Hunt For 15 Gold Heads! Ep. #79 at Rampart Casino in Las Vegas with a VegasLowRoller Appearance!

  1. Well hope was there. I haven't gotten 15 either. Maybe one time you and VLR each put in money and play a game together.

  2. I like play recorded I real time. So many uploads say'I accidently bet max coin & hit the bonus. Yeah right.

  3. Great to see VLR-he needed more falabaloos🤣I never seem to do well on challenges, so I think a challenge on Buffalo is in order! Let me know when you have time! Continued good luck Albert🍀🎰😍

  4. The most disappointing play I had was at Desert Diamond Casino near Phoenix, I got 15 gold heads and had 4 games left….totally bamboozled! I couldn’t believe it, I have played this game so many times. I still love the game, I really hope you get 15 soon! I would love to see it! Fingers crossed and good luck! 🤞🏻😄

  5. C'mon Albert! It's Bonus Time! ⏲️ We're sending lots of luck 🍀 ☘️ your way! I'm working hard on getting full permission at my local, and really think it's the best shot. Good luck buddy!

  6. Live play is alright on Buffalo no need to edit for bonuses only. 👍 Thanks for sharing.

  7. I've seen several 15 gold heads games done with 1.50 bets and couple done on 75 cent's you need to start changing your bets back and forth 🤠

  8. Hi Shinobi🙋 thank you for sharing this video with max bet, you made me realize that my small bet is the reason why I don't get big decent bonuses! Thank you for the "hunt for 15 gold heads", I'm not giving up! Nice to see VLR in cameo role as cheering partner! Good luck on your next game and have a good rest of the afternoon👍👍

  9. Don't give up! You're going to get it soon. I love the series and I will be so happy when you get those 15 buffalo heads! Good luck!

  10. Albert I was pumped to see you found a machine with the $3.60 max bet, since that seems to be the magic combination for Chico….then… a 4 coin bonus!!! OMG I just knew you were finally going to do it! Oh sizzle! No cigar this time, but I still think the 4 coin trigger is best. My own experience (and others I see on the Youtubes) seems like the 5 coin triggers just don't do much. Loved the effort, and seeing VLR….THX my brother and keep on it!

  11. You never get 5 coins that’s mean you don’t play this games every time you go to casino 😅😅😅

  12. Love this challenge you have on Buffalo Gold. I know you’ll reach the 15 gold heads soon! I think I’ve only played this machine once. Best of luck to you my friend!🍀🐂🍀👍🏼

  13. I don’t think the bet amount drives the bonus I won over 5 k on $2.25 always comes when yah least expect it! Continued success and blessings Cha Ching and remember if it’s not paying we’re staying lol 😂

  14. On a side note, I noticed you’re playing in several Las Vegas casinos as well. Since the Covid lockdown (2020), for health reasons (I totally quit smoking 35 years ago) I’ve stayed away from casinos that allows smoking on the floor like most casinos in Vegas. Fortunately, many casinos in southern Cal are now “smoke-free” on the gaming floor—so I prefer to go there. I’m aware that inhaling “2nd hand cigarette smoke” is as unhealthy as direct smoking. Stay healthy and good luck.

  15. So excited when I saw the 4 coin Bonus. Sounds like you're having a busy trip in LV. Good seeing VLR to cheer U on. We'll be here when the 15 GH's happen. GL!

  16. I've never triggered w 5 coins ever myself (and that's even more rare than getting 15 heads!). Okay…better luck next episode!

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