I Won SOOO MUCH At Gas Station Slots That My Wallet Wouldn’t Close!

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I Won SOOO MUCH At Gas Station Slots That My Wallet Wouldn’t Close!

44 thoughts on “I Won SOOO MUCH At Gas Station Slots That My Wallet Wouldn’t Close!

  1. With all that money that couldn't go into you wallet. Maybe you can buy an electric car for $50,000 dollar's and you won't need to go to a gas station any longer.

  2. Why does this idiot keep using so much vulgarity ? What a an annoying weasel and twerp, big mouth, small brain 👎🏻

  3. Enjoyed watching you win but your foul language was disgusting. Turned off the volume.

  4. Wow I have not seen you for a year or more and up you popped tiday. Great luck in that gas station👏👏

  5. That big ticket had me nervous. The Illinois redemption machines are notorious for breaking or running out of cash, leaving you to wait until the game company can send someone. Fortunately, the attendant can usually pay out smaller tickets.

  6. They charge a penny so if you win a taxable in the bonus (unless it’s one spin) it’s not considered taxable. Saves time and is awesome in the long run 😊

  7. As an Australian, I am absolutely mind blown that you guys have these in petrol stations. Wow.

  8. Your nickname is fear and loathing cuz we all know what your on SheeeeeSh 💀☠️

  9. Did you go through the menu on that Novomatic SD guy? A certain game with a tower wasn't on it was it? 😉

  10. If I had known you were coming to Illinois I might have suggested a few more games.

  11. Nice win, shocked to see American still using the old paper money, almost the rest the world gone plastic lol

  12. WTH every game you play you WIN big, I can play 10 different machines and win JACK 😳

  13. This guy looks just like Alan the fat Jesus from the hang over lol his funny cause his fat 😂

  14. Gas station with Poker Machines – WTF? The world has gone mad. Don't go down the path Australia has. It's a ridiculous blight on society gambling. STOP ASAP.

  15. I really feel bad for people in some states that have to go to the gas station to gamble and don’t get the true experisnce of going to the casino but then again I’d probably like this too

  16. This gotta be the creepiest ****n dude I've ever watched on slots. WEIRDO!

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