*Insane Win* on MENTAL Super Bonus – My biggest X-Win to date!!!

Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

Insane win on NoLimit City’s Mental Slot Game on Mega Casino.
Website: https://angryslots.com
18+ #Ad #BeGambleAware

We hit a monster on Mental in a Super Buy on last night’s late night Livestream.
1st time streaming to Twitch & this happened right at the end πŸ™‚

Q: What’s my 1 best tip for slot players?
A: Keep your stake low. Slots are becoming more volatile & the massive multipliers in bonuses now render stake irrelevant. Keep those stakes low & have some fun.

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*Insane Win* on MENTAL Super Bonus – What a dramatic end to a livestream!!

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*Insane Win* on MENTAL Super Bonus – My biggest X-Win to date!!!

44 thoughts on “*Insane Win* on MENTAL Super Bonus – My biggest X-Win to date!!!

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  2. Amazing! Congratulations and let's hope for more of these with the bonus buys in future!!

  3. Azzi and Bob with there pants down lately and Angry smashes it out the park AGAIN πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  4. Awesome hit! I find it really hard to follow what's going on with that game most of the time, but when I saw the 2 x 100x patients hitting I knew it was gonna be big!

  5. Doesn’t happen for normal players he’s affiliated remember guys they make theese big wins happen for him

  6. It was only 100 x 2 x 100 because you had 2 multis on the board. 18000x just for that, game is nuts.

  7. I literally fell asleep about 3-4 minutes before this happened 🀣🀣🀣 I was struggling but holding on

  8. Gutted I missed the live but couldn’t of happened to anyone better! What a hit!

  9. You payed 200 and got 3672 back, big grats but buying super bonuses shouldnt count towards your personal x-win record, Azzi did a similair thing where he counted the x-win based on the cost of one of the windows in gorilla gold, to me all that is just cheating. Whatever the press costed before the big win is the base of wich you should calculate the x-win of if you ask me, else "biggest x-win" looses its meaning. Stupid rant I know, but if your gonna write a comment why not make one with an interesting point to it atleast

  10. What a absolute beauty πŸ”₯β™₯οΈπŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ€

  11. What a hit what a hit butty!
    You've beaten my 5769X win right under the ground!

    What a shocking hit!

  12. Fantastic hit. You waited until I'd gone to work! On a side note. I won my face lift. Hit 4 kings on the flop for a $1750 jackpot.

  13. How good are slot jerry for withdrawls i opened i account and just made withdrawl but was wondering how long they take to go in your bank account

  14. It wasn't even 100x100x100, it was just 100×100. You had 100x (2) on the side, which means it's applied twice. The win was massive, because 100×100 is well, 10,000x the pay of four of a kind (36 cents). 100x100x100 isn't even possible since that would be past the win cap.

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