JACKPOT HANDPAY! HUGE Win in Wicked Winnings IV Slot Machine, Jackpot Hunt Episode #2

Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

Success! My FIRST Jackpot Handpay EVER! On just the 2nd episode of this series! A HUGE win in the New Wicked Winnings IV slot by Aristocrat. Everything recorded as it happens! Thanks to everyone who wished me good luck and supported my effort to get my first jackpot. Here’s hoping this is the first of many to come! The Hunt doesn’t end! Please suggest high-volatile games for me to play in future episodes!

Wicked Winnings 4 is included in Wicked Winnings Legends, along with Wicked Winnings II. This is a return to the 5×3 setup of the original and WWII. Ravens as always, pays BIG if you can get 5 of em to line up and MoneyBags pay TWICE as much! As in WWII, free spins are triggered with a flame symbol on reels 1 and 5, but the setup is all new with 4 reelsets and sticky stacks. This has HUGE potential. Taken at Barona casino/hotel near San Diego, CA.

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JACKPOT HANDPAY!  HUGE Win in Wicked Winnings IV Slot Machine, Jackpot Hunt Episode #2

44 thoughts on “JACKPOT HANDPAY! HUGE Win in Wicked Winnings IV Slot Machine, Jackpot Hunt Episode #2

  1. I hit the same exact thing at Pala a couple weeks ago, betting minimum for a cool $450. With the re spin, total was close to $475. Not bad, considering I've only put $60. Took the money and ran….hehehe.

  2. 753x bet on the Handpay spin, so that's definitely going on your Best of 2015 compilation!

  3. Bette hel you with a like.so you get some from youtube since yet seen a handpay compared to losses.but you had fun making This i player for years but Max bet was like 1-14 OF A DOL with ax win per push on 300dol. and a around 800dol A Max Pay out per game.but you could win multipel games during your jackpot win.usually 60 jackpot and a green bar 1-24 per reel from 3 to 4 reels paying 1200 80dol eachother time.once made 3600 games from just one start.making a 2100 dol Pay out.And i knew the machine made an Error but the staff,In the kiosk had to Pay up since i could get the 1400dol out in 20kr coins which he had to use,if anoyher jackpot went.cause usually they between 200 to 500dol.but i nevøer returned since they were very suspecious
    .But I kept claiming there was only one winner and you cant cheat.only one i fund when a friend had a job at a amusement park he could turn a key and next push would give as decided.then he made sure to make lines and then a few free games where you was sure to get 1 TO 3 HITS in 10 games after 5 you got 40 to 220dol and Max 220 but you hit 6 times some times more.and then he just rigged the next and gave me the number.and the sign for the automat.we both made like 3TO 4000 A WEEK.not overdoing it.once i had to Carry coinsand i had like 6000dol and had to spend the Day filing machine from machine place to place.not to get caught.but we never got caught.but only lasted less than a year,beginning in the small.Eventuelly every Thing was lost again.saying only the house win.they made say 94% backpay.but remember taxes now its 47% so when you put money in a machine you just paid taxes

  4. Congrats on your second try with video.but 22 years you should know its not a career option.unless you make This as anti game youtube channel.then might some give you 500dol.to make vids about loosing.and you get many subscribers

  5. Great game. Our casino has a wall of WW2 as well as WW4's One night a lady beside me was playing and she got up so i decided to take the machine she was in. (the other were full as its pretty popular) So.. about 20 minutes into my max betting (which happens to be 5$ on this machine) I ended up with a 3rd line respin… nothing on the first spin and then the 4th one lines up on the second spin… only won about 30$ on jacks… but i also got the second line!! and guess what happened 4 full lines of ravens and a 5th line with one raven… won 32000$ It was CRAZY. That was last year it was amazing i still have some of the money i won from that night stashed away in the form of gold and silver bullion! my own personal treasure lol!!

  6. Congrats on getting that elusive hand pay. I have yet to win one as well. However, I still enjoy the entertainment and thinking maybe tonight is the night to win big. Thanks for showing.

  7. Congrats. So great to see. I used to play tables for years then switched like you to machines. Cost more but way more exciting. Cool if you can hit these thousands hand pays. Keep up the hits

  8. I know this video is over a year old but I want to congratulate you on this AWESOME win! I just turned 55 in April and am still waiting for that elusive handpay .Hopefully, I will get it next month during my annual Vegas trip . Again ,congrats on your TERRIFIC win. I love watching your videos!

  9. I hit the same today but had 2 Ravens on second reel for $250 X 18 and money bags, Jacks and Queens… I nearly fell off my seat lol.

  10. Very awesome win and video! I see this is already pretty old but if you are still taking requests for handpay quests I would love to see some handpay quest for what I call the "accordion games". I can't think of the actual type of game but it looks like an accordion with the screen starting with only 2 spots and expands out each reel till there are like 8-9 spots? The themes were Zeus 2 or 3 I think? a cowboy theme, and Dean Martin (not the money burst ones!)

  11. I'm still waiting for my first hand pay. Congrats on your win.
    We still have WW2 here.

  12. I'm always at Barona, let me know when you're going there so I can say hello!!! Congrats on such a big win!

  13. Excellent win. My feet go sweaty watching that lol. I've recently in the last 2 years started switching over to slots from tables as well and I have waaay more fun on them. Here's to your second hand pay coming soon!

  14. Congrats and so glad you maxed bet – you so deserve it after all your attempts!! I was as excited as you were!! Thanks for sharing

  15. Got my first handpay on WWII last Oct, $1809 on a 50c bet. This hit reminds me of my handpay with how it just came out of nowhere. Looked away for a split second and seen all the ravens drop except for 2. on 1st and 3rd row. I **** a damn brick.

  16. I noticed that the lady didn't have an official name, so I came up with one that definitely fits.
    Lilith is either the devil's daughter or the devil's wife, depending on who you ask, so in this case, the name Lilith works.

  17. Wanted to let you know that your videos are being stolen. Here is a link to one of themhttps://youtu.be/qwFLwghwSEw

  18. Congratulations!!! I am glad you decided to hit max bet when you did…. Sadly on the island I live on we don't have this game, but I recommend you play Game of Dragons (it is an old one) or Mystical Dragon both at 5c.

  19. Man that's awesome. Wicked Winnings is so tough but you were looking for a jackpot video and you got it. Not sure if I noticed WW4 in LV when I was there in Dec but it would be fun to try. Keep it up

  20. amazing handpay!!! i usually play Wicked Winnings II, have yet to play this version! congrats again!

  21. I've never had any luck on that game, but it's nice to see that you did. Really enjoy your videos.

  22. Was browsing and saw this, decided to rewatch. This win was the beginning of the end, it made it look easy but as we all know…it's not!! Wins like this makes us slot players think we can do it consistently, we chase and chase…and we just lose and lose. Probably for the best that you stopped making vids on a consistent basis. Good Luck out there…..

  23. I’m new to your channel. And just wanted to say, My biggest handpay was playing Wicked Winnings 3 for the first time in May 2020. Betting $2.50 and got the same as this but since wicked winnings 3 has more lines and reels. It ended up being $6400. I also played this game 2 months after (2nd time playing) and got the same as you ($250×9) It was my 3rd handpay. Both were at Morongo. I live 2 1/2 hours away from this casino but it’s been my luckiest to this day

  24. Enjoyed movie. I don’t have that game here. . Have a great weekend.❤️🌹🌺👍😇🍷🌷

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