Lamp of Destiny Slot – SUPER FREE GAMES – $4.50 Max Bet!

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The Lamp of Destiny slot machine by Konami – Up to 100x multipliers in Super Free Games!

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Lamp of Destiny offers players the chance to multiply bonus wins up to 100x if you’re very, very lucky! The standard game plays like most others, where a Big Win is scored by landing a nice screen of line hits by “Filling the Screen” with symbols, hopefully a top symbol!

The bonus is triggered by landing bonus symbols in reels 2, 3, and 4 for 10 free games although first you need to choose from 1 of 3 lamps: 2 of the lamps offer multipliers of x20, x5, x3, and x2 while the Super Free Games with multipliers of x100, x25, x15, and x10! I have no doubt the Pick is fair, so you have a 1 in 3 chance to land the Super Free Games! During the Free Games bonus, any win is randomly multiplied by one of your available multipliers although each option isn’t equally weighted, so you really need to be lucky to score the top multiplier!

Retriggers are possible for extra spins if you’re in Super Free Games mode or an additional Pick if you’re not. If you’re able to have the 100x be applied to a win, it’s Big Win or most likely Jackpot time, Enjoy!

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Lamp of Destiny Slot – SUPER FREE GAMES – $4.50 Max Bet!

32 thoughts on “Lamp of Destiny Slot – SUPER FREE GAMES – $4.50 Max Bet!

  1. Has anyone who has gotten the super free games gotten a win with the 100 times multiplier? I've never gotten one or seen one. Hope you do!

  2. Good win at the end! One of these days once of us will get a 100x to show up. Good luck!

  3. Konami games are so hard! Everytime I put a hundred In I get a bonus like the first one and then I play it down and it takes it all I ever try putting another’ hundred in to get my bet back and it just takes it. I keep trying I love these games I don’t know why ! One of these days 😍 Glad you took your money after a couple bonuses you kinda know that’s it for the game. What’s so weird is sometimes people will play low low bets and get almost a handpay it’s crazy

  4. This game has interested me but I only played once and it was a money drain. The 10 times every time seems fixed. You pulled off a good win congrats.

  5. Great second bonus, such incredible potential on this game but rarely pays the biggest multiplier. TYFS!!!

  6. Good win, my friend but these sorts of games are challenging. Especially when trying to get times 100

  7. Certainly you can't complain but you know how crazy this game can be! I hope you keep it on rotation out of everyone I would say you are probably the one to get the x100 with a crazy line hit! Good luck!

  8. I love this game too much and play a lot of times but only at 5c denomination ! but never hit big, one day i lost $1500 and dind't get one bonus at this game , but still love it, I will hit it in VEGAS !

  9. You were destined to have a $311 win on this Lamp of Destiny game I guess — but oh, what it could have been if only  one of those x10 had been the x100 you could have gotten. Konami promises a lot – but doesn't always keep its promises I'm afraid.  Next time.

  10. "I can't complain." Well, 100X that $220 hit would have been a $2,200 hit, so sure you can complain!

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