Life of Luxury Deluxe Slot Machine *SUPER BIG WIN* and Progressives Bonus!

Super Big Win Video Information:

The Life of Luxury Deluxe Slot Machine basically combines a WMS G+ Deluxe slot with the “Life of Luxury” progressive bonus game, which is randomly triggered after any standard spin completes. In this slot video, I played the Cirque du Masquerade base game and show a “Super Big Win” during a standard spin and also the randomly triggered Life of Luxury bonus which also had a few progressive wins and a great line hit! During the Life of Luxury bonus, you’re really playing for the progressives: I’ve never seen the standard game hit that much with the one I show in this video the highest I’ve seen. Like certain other progressive slots, it pays to play the maximum credits as it guarantees a progressive win if you’re lucky to capture a jewel during the bonus round. If you’re not playing max bet, then you must correctly choose a symbol in order to receive a progressive. Of course it’s not a tragedy to lose a $10 progressive by picking wrong, although it is to lose a $10,000 one! If you play these, play the max! Enjoy!

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Life of Luxury Deluxe Slot Machine *SUPER BIG WIN* and Progressives Bonus!

6 thoughts on “Life of Luxury Deluxe Slot Machine *SUPER BIG WIN* and Progressives Bonus!

  1. Awesome results!!! I really love the Life of Luxury series, but have never triggered it on these types. Congrats!! 🙂

  2. Great line hit! That game is so damn tough. Nice LUX bonus too.

  3. Seeing this reminded me of something that really annoys me .. All videos I see on YT about Life of Luxury are on the version where 2,40 bet gives you an automatic progressive win on the Luxury bonus, but at our casino (the one and only for this country), you have to play with a 4,00 bet to qualify for the automatic progressive .. And as a relatively low-roller player I really can't see myself ever playing at 4,00 bet.

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