12 thoughts on “LION FESTIVAL | Konami – 398 Free Spins Big Win! Slot Bonus

  1. Played it last night at FOXWOODS 🙂  and I did NOT hit mega games, BUT  I got some free games and then KAZAMMM
    the ENTIRE screen covered with COINS and on a 90 cent bet (WISH it was a max lol) I got 2400.00 Needless to say I was sooooooooo happy. Thanks Foxwoods!

  2. I don't remember commenting on this one. However, that was awesome catching all of those spins. I have been playing this one lately…with mid-level luck in the bonus feature…but I was able to capture that top symbol on max bet. This was an awesome bonus Albert. Thumbs up!

  3. Felt like watching a few vids and came across this one…..Great win and better than a jackpot to me….No W2   🙂

  4. Albert i enjoy watching you play Lady berttfly a lot the one not give you nothings much She due that to me too lol.

  5. I know this is a few years back, but still love this game.. I would have NOT picked credits. You did the right thing, why? Because of your bet, that determines everything! Now if it were .30 cents like on China Shore, I would take the credit.. Good video, good presentation, editing, out all the long drawn out spins, and great you did not get a hand pay, this is all yours!

  6. 350 spins –And that was just for starters. I wonder why you had to edit the film. How many hours did you have to play. Good job – playing, filming, and avoiding security. Almost a handpay, young man. Very nice.

  7. Nice win for that much spins, I have won on $20 bet like 150 spins and won less than that. Congrats

  8. That was awesome! That's what I should have done on my 300 games! 🙂

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