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UP TO $20 BETS on the Solar Disc slot machine by IGT!

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Solar Disc is an extremely fun game where you win by landing winning combinations on paylines. Where things get interesting is with the special Solar Disc Feature, which is triggered when any Solar Disc symbol lands on reels 2 thru 6 after which one symbol that’s on the screen is randomly chosen and made wild!

The Free Games Feature is triggered by landing the special Bonus symbol on reel 1 and in addition, at least one Solar Disc symbol on reels 2 thru 6 after which 10 free games are awarded without the possibility for retrigger. During the bonus, any reel where you originally landed a Solar Disc symbol will be guaranteed to also have one during the bonus, so you can imagine the potential if you trigger the bonus with two or more Solar Discs! Filling the Screen with wilds will yield the Top Award of 500x your bet, and while I didn’t do that well, I had my shots during this High Limit session and will likely take another shot with this one!

I want to crack Solar Disc which means triggering the bonus at the $20 level and landing more than one disc for what would be an awesome Jackpot! This is not my first time playing Solar Disc as I already had an awesome session as you can see here: And how about that Mistress of Egypt, an awesome win here too, almost a Full Screen of Wilds:


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35 thoughts on “LIVE PLAY BONUS! Solar Disc Slot – HIGH LIMIT ACTION!

  1. Some nice action here! Tim, how do you feel about the 3 & 5 "reel" slots?

  2. This one is fun trying but can take the money fast if it doesn't play nice 👍 👍🍀😁 I haven't played it for a bit now 😁 nice winning

  3. Hi Tim, so unlike the bar-machines which I don't like this is the machine that makes me wanna play slot machines. The little sub-features inside the session (like with the golden amulet) makes it so much more enjoyable as player. Sure I like to win but much more I wanna spent my time on a exiting machine. And I would certaintly play this machine. Very cool to watch you play this one. Thanks for sharing

  4. Another one!! I haven’t had the bonus on this yet but will play it soon now! Thanks Tim!

  5. I can't believe you played that game for so long (and at such big bets!) and didn't lose any money! If I even walk BY that thing, 500 dollars falls out of my wallet!

  6. I played Buffalo Gold today I was betting 60 cent and I got the bonus and got 109 dollars on that bonus.

  7. This game looked very exciting and I love the dramatic music. I love watching videos because your language is so respectable. I watch a lot of slot channels and when I hear someone curse it just makes me cringe. And another thing I love is that your commentary is very funny sometimes

  8. Come on puppies hahaha.
    Full screen bears and cats are always nice. One of my favorite games and the bonus is hard to get but it's always rewarding when you do.

  9. I've never seen this game before. Seems like it has great potential to pay big! Looks like a lot of fun to play. Congratulations Tim!

  10. Slot museum use entertaining casino music to do as if its real. U should do same because even if its entertaining you could make it more real

  11. Yea I never get bonus on this game only line hits. Tough game to play when I do play it

  12. Nicely done! This game looks so cool! Love the mystical style and music. Thanks for sharing!

  13. This is a hard game to bonus and win on but you did both which was great! Nice wins too and it’s always great coming out ahead! Sometimes I’m compelled to play scarab because of the wilds of scarabs after every 10 spins!

  14. Tim, I've played this game once and i was fortunate enough to get the bonus. Think i walked with close to 200.00 on 80cent bet. Nice play Tim.

  15. Hi Tim, You are one of the lucky ones to get a Bonus. Like you said "it's real hard to get a Bonus on this game." I can never seen to trigger the Bonus.
    You are a trooper for hanging in there.
    Nice Win! Congrats!

  16. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  17. Had my best run on this game. Went from $2 to $800 within 15 minutes while triggering TWO bonuses!

  18. our local casino this game has a 4.20 max, a bonus plus two discs paid 615.00..ive also had 20 bonuses in a row with no discs, it can be cruel as well

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