LIVE PLAY on Cool Jewels Slot Machine with Big Win!!!

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LIVE PLAY on Cool Jewels Slot Machine with Big Win!!!
Denomination –
Total Bet – $

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LIVE PLAY on Cool Jewels Slot Machine with Big Win!!!

25 thoughts on “LIVE PLAY on Cool Jewels Slot Machine with Big Win!!!

  1. Hello from portland.i love your videos. hubby and i like to drive down to the chinook winds casino in lincoln city.may i ask you what you start out with,money wise? if that's to personal i'll understand. i play like 5.00 because i want the game to last,lol. i know. we usually have 300.00 to start with. thanks. Veronica

  2. when you play lucky lemmons and get bonus allways pick the egg on the right or left the one in the middle usually has the least amout of seal picks

  3. what's with the ****ing comerchals now I wana see sg guy not ****ing fabrees comerchals I pay to watch vidios not these ****ing stupid comerchals if I whanted to see them ill turn on the tv and whatch the 4000 of them every day hay sg can you do somthing about that you got alote of pull love the vids man keepem.comin

  4. wow raberta you don't hold any punches do ya sorry I was a problem child and school ended for me in 8th grade

  5. great vids man, my girl and i enjoy watching them before we go to the casino lol! quick question, how do you choose your machines, not the name, but the actual machine, like if your playing haunted house and there are multiple haunted houses, how do you decide which one??? thanx man, meow meow meow

  6. Pretty much the best combo for this game is having 2 of the same special symbols combined to have a good reaction since they are both considered wilds and stay till there is nothing to break down anymore or nothing connects.

  7. I'm putting this game on my " can't be bothered" play list. I would have walked away after the first hundred, you have far more patience then I 😺

  8. I never knew this was a game in real life, I've been playing it online for years. the bonus isn't common but goes absolutely bonkers.

  9. This is my favorite slot, but I'm usually cussing the screen like you.  I play a machine that is set for pennies and will sometimes play 300 a spin, but usually go with 50 or 100 so my night doesn't end so quickly.  Took $1200 off (non-handpay) one night.  Loved it ever since.   The two symbols that kept dropping and taking out others is when two "red star" jewels are together, but they have to trigger with two other jewels.  They really run up the multiplier as it did for you.  3200+ points on that one, I recall.   Count me as a new subscriber.

  10. Had to sit here and listen to whiny little b-$=*((; plus he didn’t even get big win loser channel

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