14 thoughts on “LIVE PLAY on Secrets of the Forest Slot Machine with Bonus and Big Win!!! – Part 1

  1. This is my favorite game hands down. I like the red pixie she has a dirty little secret! Thanks SD!

  2. But, BTW, be prepared to at max bet put some time and money into this slot. When it hits nicely, of course, meaning bonus time and the most spins picked, one will be happy. Sorry, just wanted to add that.
    Wolfy 🙂

  3. Oh, this is one of my favorites, but, has too be played at med to max. Why, when the 5 pixels come, WOW!!!, what a payout. When the bonus comes, it also can pay out HUGE!!! I know that many may not be fond of this game, but it can easily outdo IGT's other Cascading Reels Davinci. The 5 Pixels are worth the most tied together, then purple fairy then the red hottie and then blonde hottie. 99 lines does allow for some wild winning configurations. But also can disappoint. 
    I think I've become SDGUY dependant. I get cold sweats when I don't have a fix of my SD per day. I'm getting concerned. Looks like I'll have to go back to my heroin habit to wean off SDGUY (Just kidding for this last comment for the whackos who believe everything they read).
    Love Ya,
    Wolfy :)

  4. would you maybe like to work with me on some videos that couldhelp both of us just let me know

  5. I won £20000 on this slot,but lost £10000 by putting it back on to see if I could win more..Still I collected £10000

    Love this slot!

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