37 thoughts on “LIVE PLAY (Part 2): BIG WIN!!! MONOPOLY PLANET GO! Slot Machine (2c)

  1. LIVE PLAY and BONUS/BIG WIN on MONOPOLY: PLANET GO!!!  SDGuy1234 hovers in the background.  As she does.

  2. Way to go, Rhonda!!! I still need to play this game sometime…maybe in July! 🙂

  3. Hey sweetie, loved both videos and a nice win in the end. You'll get those free spins babe, keep trying.

  4. That game gives me a headache. The bonus is so much fun but it is very stressful. You did good!  SD Guy sounds just like my husband…trying to talk to me from afar and you hear nothing but garble and have to keep saying I can't hear you.  Glad he got off his butt and came over.  Again, ya'll seem to be having a great time.  Thanks so sharing and kept up the winning streak!

  5. YAY so glad you finally got a decent bonus and did double your money…if you cashed out after that bonus. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. l love watching your videos and really enjoyed all the slot talks you and Dproxima made.  Very fun and interesting guests.  I am a huge fan of penny slots and play often.

  7. on the space bonus it will never hit the middle "blue planet' it will always be the surrounding amounts… u got dicked in the sector x bonus.. that was the worst to get in that one…  great overall bonus though.. tough ****in game to hit sometimes.. FREE SPINS!

  8. Love this video Mary in the background yelling! Damn was hoping you would get the free spins! Thanks for sharing

  9. basically u got the max amt of picks…congrats great video !

  10. Good bonus and so much fun to watch, thought not as much fun as my bonus. 😉 I've never made it to the top level so was excited to see you make it there. 🙂

  11. That bonus started so well and then they screwed you with the credits.  Nice hit though.

  12. It's one thing getting the free spins and it's another to actually win from them as well!! GL

  13. Brent and SDGUY1234 make playing slots truely fun. I love all your videos.

  14. Funny Video! Enjoyed it..was SDGUY in a Tunnel?? yelling to get out?? ha! I wanted to SLAP that machine FOR YOU!! Nice win at the end !!!!!

  15. OMG! You are so funny! I love listening to you…and SDGuy and Diana. You guys are almost as entertaining as the slots (or in this case MORE entertaining). Thanks for the fun and laughs.

  16. that game seemed really hard so I would not play that butt maybe once lol😃

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