Low Stake Bonus Compilation + Community BIG WINS!! Castle Of Terror, Super Stars & Much More

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Low Stake Slots bringing you a Bonus Compilation on games like the new BTG Castle Of Terror, Big Scary Fortune, Super Stars, 3 Lucky Rainbows & Much More + Community BIG WINS!!

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Low Stake Bonus Compilation + Community BIG WINS!!  Castle Of Terror, Super Stars & Much More

30 thoughts on “Low Stake Bonus Compilation + Community BIG WINS!! Castle Of Terror, Super Stars & Much More

  1. Tried your stakes other night got a limit of 250 a week set by casino fed up loosing it in half hour wanted a bit of game play 100 in big bass 40p highest base win 1 bonus paid 2.28p 100 in bonnaza no bonus last fifty in megaways no bonus 3 hours later balance empty 6 months of not 1 withdrawal can't believe how bad it's got

  2. Hi there, great as usual to see new slots, that Super stars game was fun even if I couldn't make head nor tale at what was going on at first😀hey Davy boy should have been on the list of Super stars.😆. Take care.x

  3. That's by far the best win x I've seen on super stars so don't be fooled but enjoyed the video a lot 👍

  4. As much as I agree with you on most of the jackpot games, 5,000x for the mega pot is exactly the same as hitting a max win on most Pragmatics and way more than most PlayNoGos will ever pay out! And sure, once in a blue moon, but that max win script is beautiful to see playing out 🥰

  5. Thanks for showing off my biggest win at the end. Definitely proves that you don’t need big stakes to win big!

  6. Yo my haggis broski !!!
    What's ur opinion on this….say ur playing a slot and it's not performing not going anywhere not bonusing so do u think if u come out of it and reload it do u think it will play better or do u think it goes bk to where u was before…..ur view pls

  7. Has anyone on this chat ever won the mega on those money slots 😂😂😂 I’ve been playing them 6 or so years and had the one below zero times never mind the big one 😂😂. Cracking stuff as always 👍🏻👍🏻.

  8. Another good vid mate ! What’s your take on gamblers den giveaway where someone won twice in the same draw ? Never heard of a raffle where a winning ticket goes back in the draw ! Seems strange , or a fix since the same person won on another draw aswell !

  9. Looks a belting little game that superstars, like how they've done that. Cheers bud 👍

  10. i do agree you should not remove buy feature from any slot , if they do that they should remake the slot itself that trigger the bonus faster for country's that has bonus buy feature banned.

  11. Good session Chris, to get any bonuses is no easy feat it seems on the slots these days. Can see why alot of streamers/players In the UK in particular are not bothering anymore. 🙄 Best of luck on your next one anyway mate

  12. I can buy pragmatics & blueprints still in the UK & the casino group have always paid me out so far even on huge wins. I know one day they might not 😂

  13. The guys probably never played slots, setting spins puts you in control instead of getting lost in spins ect. The guy is a muppet. Also some of the slots now are literally made for buys so anyone spinning on them normally puts allot more into it.

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