14 thoughts on ““LUCKY PENNY!” LIVE PLAY / BIG WIN Slot Machine Bonus

  1. So cute! Makes me want to go to the casino that I know that has it and play it again. Thanks Brent!

  2. One of my favorites! it's getting harder to find. They used to be everywhere. All the extra bonus features are fun. I'm always wanting to get the random bonus you get from the whale.

  3. Been ages since I've played this. I say it's the cuter version of Gremlins 🙂

  4. This is a great game to convert free play into real money and cash out! This game will always give a little something!

  5. LOVE the Lucky Penny games! Those penguins celebrating for you, Ice Ice Baby Bonus, randoms…..what's not to love? Great win!

  6. They need to seriously remake this game, such a legendary machine right next to Jackpot Station and Viva Monopoly lol

  7. Prefer Bright Diamonds version but I guess either fine if you can only find either one.

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