MAJOR PROGRESSIVE! Quick Fire Jackpots Golden Peach Slot – $7.50 Max Bet BIG WIN Bonus!

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Whether this brand, or the very similar Quad Shot Progressives by Ainsworth, I do tend to like them! I’m really a fan of Quick Fire Jackpot slots and am surprised they didn’t catch on more than they have as they seem to be an obvious answer to Ainsworth’s more popular Quad Shot Progressives line of slots, which I think overall are slightly more refined: Electric Nights for example is still one of my favorites!

Quick Fire Jackpots offer four different levels of progressives based on a number of factors:
1. You need a 5-of-a-kind line hit.
2. You need the special “flame” symbol superimposed on the main symbol in reel 5.
3. The type of progressive you receive is based on the symbol and whether or not a part of the line hit with the top progressive awarded for a premium symbol non-wild 5 reel line hit, with flame!

The chance of flame symbols appearing in reel 5 is proportional to your bet, so at a certain bet level all symbols in the 5th reel will have flame symbols increasing your odds for a progressive.

During the Free Games feature, stacks of symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 only and at the start of each game one of those stacked reels is chosen and transformed into wild peaches. All symbols on reel 5 are also transformed into wild peaches.

Retriggers are possible, but require 3 more bonus symbols and with reel 5 completely wild, it’s very difficult and this is my one quibble with this slot: like Electric Nights, only two symbols should be required to retrigger! Retriggers also only award an additional 5 spins, Enjoy!

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MAJOR PROGRESSIVE! Quick Fire Jackpots Golden Peach Slot – $7.50 Max Bet BIG WIN Bonus!

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  1. i think its sad that people dislike your video then you dont let us vote up, i just dont understand some people, as always i enjoy your videos and many more to come

  2. Awesome video and great win. I enjoy your videos so much. Thank you for sharing and good luck.

  3. "Peachy" win. I really like this game — especially when it couldn't stop giving you jackpots. I'd play it again if I were you. Loved the $206 major, and that string of so many $40 minors. Very nice.

  4. I love these games too (probably because I hit the grand on a 50 cent bet on the panda paradise version!) I've also noticed that flame counts in the last column aren't always proportional to bet size, I've seen the column of flames on minimum bet but obviously, that's not common. Nice sessions, especially profiting off the big bet size since these can run cold!

  5. I can't figure out what you mean by one away from the major.  Even with your replay.  This is why I stay away from these machines.

  6. I love to play a drinking game while watching your videos. Whenever you say, "too bad" or "AND!!", I take a shot. I'm hammered.

  7. Stop betting so much , what is your point ? As long as all 50 lines are bet u still get the prize makes no difference the amt you are wasting , cong but you wasted so much money

  8. That's was a great come back, WOW glad you decided to stick around and waited until that bonus game….

  9. i know this video is from last year its the first time seeing it im hoping they have it in lasvegs im going for new years

  10. OMG, it's hard enough trying to get anything when playing this for entertaining coinage!!! But get you, far, that was cool watching this.

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