*MAX BET* – MONTEZUMA SLOT – *Big Win* – Slot Machine Bonus

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*MAX BET* – MONTEZUMA SLOT – *Big Win* – Slot Machine Bonus

One of my favorite games Montezuma. I have several slot machine bonus features that I will be sharing on this one in the future. Literally, I play it every time I go to the casino. Those who have followed me, know I love the Wheel. Today, we’re presenting a slot machine bonus on MAX bet. You may be able to hear the defeat in my voice early on. Unless you know what the peaks and valleys are in gambling, you’ll understand my dismay…but things do turn around. I think it was like my 6th bonus on the game. So, in other words, 6 times is a charm – lol. Please remember to thumbs up, favorite, share, like subscribe and visit my facebook page. Thanks and Enjoy 🙂


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*MAX BET* – MONTEZUMA SLOT – *Big Win* – Slot Machine Bonus

12 thoughts on “*MAX BET* – MONTEZUMA SLOT – *Big Win* – Slot Machine Bonus

  1. My favorite Monty story was the end of br last sign saver bonus trigger on max that gave me 25 spins on the 10x lock. His revenge is not fun though…..

  2. All you need is one good hit – thanks for sharing – great to see 5 games can lead to happiness on that machine

  3. Open question to all Vegas slot players….coming to Vegas soon. Where is the best place to play and what slots are recommended. I can be reached at fblessedone@aol.com. Thanking you in advance

  4. Nice job on Montezuma! Haven't played this one in a long while, nice to see it still paying big! 🙂

  5. Who needs to start with more than 5 spins? Not you! 🙂 Great retrigger and Montezuma hit, congrats! 🙂

  6. The 2 symbol re trigger is very appealing to me, and unlike other games (buffalo, etc.) where you get 5 additional spins, I find it exciting that you could get up to 25 with up to 10x!…..now, that's potential!

    Looking forward to what surprise you have for us, when you reach 30k subs. 🙂

  7. One of the better game WMS put out, great job Mike

  8. MONTEZUMA's revenge slot, You hit the jackpot..And then **** yourself! #lolz

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