12 thoughts on “**Michonne Delivers!** The WALKING DEAD 2 slot machine LIVE PLAY BONUS BIG WINS

  1. Just watched video. Wow! Amazing line hit. Your name is Blue? I have a daughter named Blue she married an idiot whose last name is Brown. Crazy lol

  2. Should of max bet. How come no one ever wins big with Rick? Him being the main character you would think it would pay more.

  3. I was on my last 75 cents tonight and i hit (on min bet) the jackpit, got all Merle and x 8! On min bet, walked out with little over $400 :). Very happy girl here. Among my pickings, i said, "What would Blue pick?" I got the Minor and 30 games, thanks Blue!

  4. Great vid. I spoke to early on the other one suggesting you show the full game play.

  5. I wished this would happen for me LOL im not much of a gambler but i went to the walking dead machine and gambled away at $.75 did not go so well lol it turned out funny because as soon as i wanted to hit the cash out button i almost flipped and dropped the ashtray that was right next to the button LOL my cousin was laughing so hard i was just worried that the casino might just call the cops on me LOL.

  6. Camera work sux. Floating all over the place, can't see half the payline, pushing buttons and the camera view is half off the screen….

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