5 thoughts on “My Max bet 200$ and very big win Chumba Casino

  1. The bets amount you are playing is insane with crazy wins. 😧

  2. Incredable win, I only wish one day to be able to have that kind of money to bet like that once in my life…Continued success in all you do, That was amazing to watch

  3. Awesome Win…I got lucky alot on this game when I first started .his the Grand on every bet from $25 down.. my $25 bet payout was $15,777 it leveled up twice. I've yet to get in on $200 which has cost a FORTUNE…Have had two bonuses on $100 gave Mini on both.. have you had any other big wins on it ? This gave if allowed will swallow $20,000 in 40 min easily on Big Bets. . Love the game but when it's bad it's BAD AND when it's Hot it's HOT

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