++NEW Magic Lamp slot machine, Live Play, Big Win

Super Big Win Video Information:

This is a tough game to win on. Even tougher if the machine is progressive.

In order to have any kind of significant win, you need to line up 6 symbols. Notice, for example, that the top symbol pays 50 if you have 5 symbols, but pays 500 if you have 6 symbols. And, the other symbols don’t pay much even if you line up 6 symbols.

Fortunately, since one reel is always wild (Lamp), 6 symbols is the equivalent of lining up 5 symbols. But, other than the wild reel, getting wilds anywhere else is very rare.

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++NEW Magic Lamp slot machine, Live Play, Big Win

12 thoughts on “++NEW Magic Lamp slot machine, Live Play, Big Win

  1. Well….can't get much better than that.  And to add to the other comments, I do think that's a clone of Bull Elephant.

  2. Just saw this right now and I'm shocked with joy! Thought it would stop at around $80-100 and was surprised it kept going. Fantastic line hit!!

  3. That second magic lamp must have been the one with the genie to make your wishes for a win come true. It's very hard to win this game. I don't even try.

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