*NEW SLOT! BIG WIN!* MUSTANG FORTUNE | Slot Machine Bonus (Ainsworth)

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MUSTANG FORTUNE by Ainsworth. If you’re a fan of the original MUSTANG MONEY slot machine, you’re sure to enjoy this new game. This was my first time playing this game in Vegas last month (M Resort). Put in $50.00 into this machine and got on a terrific 3-bonus run. The best bonus is the third one just in case you want to skip to the end.

Mustang Money Jackpot Handpay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaKuuMhRLvE

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*NEW SLOT! BIG WIN!* MUSTANG FORTUNE | Slot Machine Bonus (Ainsworth)

44 thoughts on “*NEW SLOT! BIG WIN!* MUSTANG FORTUNE | Slot Machine Bonus (Ainsworth)

  1. Nice Albert! You must be a cowboy because you were riding that mustang like you own it. Great bonuses. Especially the last one. Congrats buddy. 😉

  2. challenge accepted lol, so 50 in and i have to beat 300, great video the best bonus ive seen so far thanks for sharing, cant wait for it to make the east coast so you can play it more ; )

  3. wow, looks great! Nice win too. I was impressed at how many times the bonus hit. I hope to get to try it someday soon. as usual, thanks for sharing!

  4. Very nice, Albert! That was awesome catching those bonuses LIVE! The best was saved for last! Nice! Congrats!!

  5. That was a great video and bonus, Albert!!! I think you must have made another copy of that key from Ainsworth too lol. Congrats!!!!

  6. Very nice bonus win Albert! Congrats! I love the special effects on this game! Again ,congrats on your terrific bonus win!

  7. hmmmm very interesting game, I'm not seeing anything I don't like. I can't wait to play this, thanks for sharing that awesome live play

  8. Those bonuses came up pretty frequently that was pretty cool. Neat new game thanks for sharing it. We'll have to keep an eye out for it.😎

  9. Nice win Albert ! I love the M ! The bakery in there has really good food ! And the property is nice. They usually have the new machines as well. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks Deborah Zarzyczny for your comment! YouTube wasn't allowing me to reply back to you so hopefully you see this message! Appreciate it and I hope you have fun with the Players Paradise game app! 😃

  11. Nice one Albert! Ainsworth likes you. Tried Mustang Money for the first time got shafted

  12. Your have a radio voice…Good video… Have you considered voice overs? Seriously though what casinos in vegas turn the other way when your doing a shoot?

  13. Well what want to know is do you have the key for this one lol can't wait to play this one

  14. That was a fun run Albert! So nice to see multiple bonuses, even with some crappy ones! Very impressive 3rd bonus. I am looking forward to playing this. Thanks for showing!!

  15. I'd probably enjoy Mustang Fortune more if I'd ever played Mustang Money. There are too many games (and too little bankroll) to play them all, and Ainsworth has kinda been neglected when I view. I guess I should watch your channel more. LOL Nice $300 win.

  16. Real nice win on this one. Love the hold and respin feature. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  17. Albert, you are the Ainsworth slot whisperer! Love seeing all those bonuses so quickly and the 3rd was the charm!

  18. Aww man! I can't believe the last spin gave you the coins! Still it's a fun, fun video! You first 3 minutes sums up my experience with Ainsworth, but great last set of games there!

  19. OH YEAH!!!  Nice Albert.  You are the horse whisperer.  I have to admit I like that game almost as much as you.  I want to play the new one too. Can't wait for my local to get it.  It'll probably be a year old before that happens.  Congrats fellow Mustang Lover!

  20. I haven't even played Mustang Money yet, but I definitely will when I can. Another great job with Ainsworth! Congrats on the nice run and great bonus win!

  21. Been playing this on FB also and it eats my credits up lol
    Hope it doesn't happen like that when I really play this one, thanks for sharing your session Albert and congrats

  22. Bitch please🎰new in your casinos but we have it since April😝👍but we haven't got SweetZone games yet😍😍thanks for the videos Robert!

  23. Pretty good run! I honestly think that it's better to win big on a low bet and since Ainsworth is still sticking with low volatility slots (or masquerading as them!) most people might be rather play other stuff. On another note I shouldn't be leading you on with that one Ainsworth slot I played a while back, I should have the video up within the next week or so — that one's called "Light 'em Up".

  24. Nice win Albert, It seemed a little rough during the bonus, but it worked out in the end. 🙂

  25. good game! I subscribed to you because you don't use profanity and you explain the game as you go.

  26. Very good Albert have to start calling you Ainsworth Albert! LOL..At first I thought what rip offf, but finally did pay out to you~ This game hates me of all Ainsowrth games, this is the one I have yet to crack…I find 2.00 is a better way than max. Happy for you!

  27. albert thanks for the heads up on the Ainsworth app. love your channel keep up the great videos.

  28. Nice win on the 3rd try Albert and great video as always – congrats. I just posted one from last night at the Eastside Cannery. Not as good as yours, but I had fun with the machine. Happy new year and lots of fortunes in 2017

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