++NEW – Wicked Winnings IV Legends slot machine, First $20 & Big Win

Super Big Win Video Information:

Here is the much anticipated Wicked Winnings IV (Legends)! During a recent trip to Las Vegas, I searched high and low for this game and finally found it at the Bellagio (there are two there). I went early (6:30AM) to make sure I could get to play it when there wasn’t going to be much noise in the casino. I put in a fresh $20 bill and nervously pressed the Spin button. This video shows what happened next…

By the way – now that I’ve played WWIV, I won’t go back to WWII or WWIII. This new game is much more fun to play at all levels.

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++NEW – Wicked Winnings IV Legends slot machine, First $20 & Big Win

12 thoughts on “++NEW – Wicked Winnings IV Legends slot machine, First $20 & Big Win

  1. Great job.  I am really looking forward to playing this. Thanks!

  2. Very nice win! I'm excited and pumped to try this new one out soon!

  3. That was nice show Random. Very nice line hit. . You were gonna be almost first one to get 9 ladies on ww4. So close.

  4. BTW, been playing every version of this for a long time including this one. Won huge on it a couple of times. Nothing like what I've seen on YT, but I don't usually stay very long on this one. I happen to love high volatility slots. I enjoy the multiplier ones the best (Just because in my own experience, those are the one's I've done the best in.), but this one w/the crows, OMG!!! When I saw those hit for me, I actually did fly off my chair and yell "HOLY ****!!!". And it wasn't even a hand pay. Aristocrat tends to be my favorite because after dollar machines were replaced by penny slots, I did best on these slots. I've done very well on penny IGT as well, so so on WMS, but great on Ainsworth. Obviously the pattern here is that I'm not much into graphics, although I appreciate them. I just love when all 3 multipliers show up in a bonus or the spin on this one gets another row and so on… I'm not into Konami because I just can't stand the spin after spin, row after row situation although I've hit huge on those as well, very huge and they keep me busy when lots of spins hit so I'm not wasting, um, I mean spending my money on other slots. In general though, I LOVE ANY SLOTS THAT WINS ME A LOT OF DOUGH AND I MEAN A LOT. My favorite moments in Gambling are what I call winning streaks which has happened the least often but are fun as hell and they basically are nights where I can't miss a win. I'm interested in what form of wins people most like and have suggested it as a topic for DProxima's Slot Talk Show. Some people, some of my friends have stated they just love the hope of a big win, others have told me they like the escape from outside life issues while others have told me they love to win big and go home early. We ARE A VARIED group of people.
    A Big Fan And CONGRATS,
    Wolfy 🙂

  5. Woohoo!  So close to the coveted 9-lady line up; but an awesome win nonetheless.  Congrats on your first $20 of play, on a new machine, with a BIG win.

  6. I don't need to send a comment since I made one 7 months ago — but this is so great I have to remind you of it one more time. If you'd only had one more lady look what you would have won! So, your secret is to play at 6:30 in the morning instead of feeding the machine all night. Hum. Or maybe the secret is to play when a new game first shows up in a casino. : ) When is Wicked Winnings 5 due to appear?

  7. I for sure plan to play Wicked Winnings 5 when it appears! !! I really love the game hardcore 🙂 Nice win


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