9 thoughts on “Nice Konami SAFARI STACKS Slot Bonus BIG WIN *Multipliers*

  1. Look at all those multipliers! That was beautiful Dennis! Fantastic win on this new one! Look forward to trying it.

  2. SAAAAAAWEEEET! Love me some KONAMI'S! Very nicely done, Dennis! Those multipliers are awesome!!! Congrats!

  3. nice! fortune stacks I've played, this seems like a clone? that one is tough to land the multipliers

  4. Oooo, a new one I haven't seen! Can't wait to try this clone of Fortune Stacks, you did awesome Dennis, congrats

  5. Great win! At first, I thought this game might be easier than Fortune Stacks, since I thought you could only get 2 multiplier reels with 3x…but like you showed, you can get 3 for 27x wins which is more than Fortune Stacks.

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