12 thoughts on “Nordic Spirit – Multiple Super Big Wins!(and many other big win bonuses and line hits)

  1. Thanks for the shout out Matthew! You've definitely had a lot of bonuses on this game and I think you deserve that screen of volcanoes! I had no idea the horses paid like volcanoes! WOW!!! Thanks for sharing the pay table. Keep winning and you'll be at 1K soon!

  2. You had one of the last chances to play it there. They recently removed that entire section of G+ deluxe machines. Sad day in the gambling world lol. Replaced by junk newer machines

  3. Fun. Video Matt ! Can’t believe it never gave a mega ! I will have to get to Mohegan soon before stuff disappears even more ! Next week perhaps ?? . Best of luck with the subs

  4. Hey man!!! Sorry I haven't been around commenting as much.. dam YouTube glitch unclicked your bell. I got it fixed now!! Funny you mention Albert. That pirate ship video of mine you just watched was from the night I was with Albert. You have a great channel and you'll be at 1000 in no time. I am also holding some of my best for when I'm monetized. I have my hours and subs, just struggling getting my dam adsense account approved to move on to the YouTube approval. Thanks for the great video

  5. I love the G+deluxe as well, however, my local is slowly removing those machines😞! Very nice video, just subbed to you! I have a channel as well. Hope you're having a great weekend and I hope you hit your goal soon.

  6. Awesome win! Thank you for sharing! New subscriber here! Take a look at my channel too & do the same ☺️

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