Nordic Spirit Slot – Free Spins, Big Win!

Super Big Win Video Information:

A Free Spins, Big Win in WMS’s Nordic Spirit slot, a G+ Deluxe machine. I have played this machine ALOT, but this is actually the first video good enough to be posted! Despite limited success, I like this game and LOVE the bonus music. Three scattered bonus symbols trigger free spins. During the bonus, there are stacked wilds (volcano symbols). Five of a kind of these pay VERY well. Its a dream of mine to land a full-screen of em! Lining these up with stacked ladies is also good and you can re-trigger for more spins. Taken at Harrah’s Resort Southern California.

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Nordic Spirit Slot – Free Spins, Big Win!

12 thoughts on “Nordic Spirit Slot – Free Spins, Big Win!

  1. You didn't get you dream to come true, yet, but it will happen one day!  In the meantime, that was an awesome bonus round and there's nothing to complain about on that one – congrats!

  2. I'm sure I am among a bunch of people seeking out the same as you.  Still a great win!

  3. Very nice win on this classic … Nordic Spirit. Glad someone is still keeping this one in play. Congrats and thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. WTG! Very nice win Al! Has anyone ever posted a full screen volcanos?

  5. A nice classic WMS win and game. Thanks for sharing! Nice to see you trying the potential big payers 🙂 and it rewarded you.

    Just last night coincidentally on a new casino I full screened on Kronos at 2.40 stake!!! I nearly wet myself!! Cost 200 to get. Was jumping up and down a winning dance haha!! Probably next week will upload.

    Hope you full screen those volcanoes soon 🙂

  6. Love the possibilities on this game. I play it every chance I get.

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