Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold – BIG WIN SLOTS – Live Play

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Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold, the latest £500 jackpot Rainbow Riches slot machine. There’s loads going on in this slot, I started at £2 per spin and had a good game for my money, then I changed to £30 spins and had a great result.
You can win up to 100 free spins, with cash wins gambled for more cash or free spins. This video was shot in Coral on their FOBT machines.

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Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold – BIG WIN SLOTS – Live Play

12 thoughts on “Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold – BIG WIN SLOTS – Live Play

  1. 28 spins left mate hence tonight panorama programe on at 8 bbc 1 these things need banned as u probably no yourself u can't get big big money out them anymore I used to take 4 grand here and there but nothing all I do is lose henge I don't have any bank cards with me anymore and I have banned myself from every bookie

  2. Question . I play this machine a lot and I meant a lot. I always go for it with gambling the spins . I’ve had my best wins and worst losses on this machine .

    Now I only play this in arcades . I go for 75 spins but that only pays the jackpot maybe 25% of the time if that . I notice on this the wilds expand even if it’s only taking up 1 place where it has to be a whole stack to expand and go over the the large wheels in the arcade now

    Also the pie gambles . When you gambled for 75 spins it as pretty much the same as 100 spins but in the arcade now there is a big difference.

    Any idea why such a difference to this game you have played to the version in the arcades now ?

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