12 thoughts on “Slot Bonus Compilation including Super Big Wins and Mega Big Wins

  1. That was harsh on the reel race still £250 not to be sniffed at its a shame dragon born or 300 shields isn't at casumo lmao I think u wud love em lol

  2. So glad I subscribed to you. Your videos are awesome. Absolutely loving them. Please keep em coming and good luck pal!

  3. Wow man that was epic, so unlucky aswell, but hey we would all have took the 250.
    I told you a while back your vids was perfect, looks like im not the only one who thinks that, congrats man keep them coming if you can.

  4. Aww sorry you missed out on the 2k I really thought you had it in the bag! Well done on coming second though £250 is definately not too shabby. Another great video keep em coming. xx

  5. Awesome video as always mate! But I can tell you that in the reel race you actually did need 15£ win for 100 points since you need 30x. I guess you were thinking you need 12£ win since thats what you need in wild north on 40p bet 🙂 hope this can take that "30p away from 100 points" nightmare away from ya! 😉

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