12 thoughts on “Slot Bonus Session Super Big Win Mega Big Win. Bruce Lee. Fruit Warp. Raging Rhino.

  1. you dirrrrrrrty ****er, haha did I really just watch you NOT get your knob ripped off on fruit warp lol?

  2. the aliens slot looks like it really wants to have potential but it just doesn't lol. working my way through your videos randomly so I will probably come across a 1000x win somewhere in which case I'm very sorry Mr alien slot machine thingy

  3. U forgot to add "outstanding"," unbelivable","omg!","must see","youtube record win" 😛 … Funny vídeo,as always even if it's in the "bored/sad Stevie" … Best of luck for the next one 😉 cheers !

  4. Hi im here from 2019 ! Dont worry in the future you not gonna care about a 1000 or 2 ! You gonna win 50k + on reelking every video! 😀

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