Sun Warrior MAX BET BIG WIN Slot Machine Bonus Free Spins

Super Big Win Video Information:

Down to my last $7 dollars of the night and I wasn’t going to drop my bet. I was fortunately welcomed with this nice bonus round on the Sun Warrior Slot Machine. Check it out for some controversial award notifications….it should’ve been a super big win 🙁
Not that it matters though, but I like how the music escalates when it is a Super! 🙂 Comment below for your thoughts or explanations…

Slot Machine: Sun Warrior by WMS Slots
Denom: 1c
Total Bet: $3.00

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Thanks and Good Luck!!!! -kbr

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Sun Warrior MAX BET BIG WIN Slot Machine Bonus Free Spins

12 thoughts on “Sun Warrior MAX BET BIG WIN Slot Machine Bonus Free Spins

  1. Nice win.  I just saw a Super Big Win vid on this.  A full screen of gargoyles with 2x symbols, at 300x the bet.  Not sure if that's the minimum for a Super on this or not.   I just checked some other vids too, and it looks like the most you could win at $3.00/spin for any given spin is $9000, or 3000x.  It would have to be a full-screen of the ladies with the 12x multiplier.

  2. Thanks everyone. I always thought that 100x and up was considered a Super.

  3. Excellent bonus.   Maybe it wasn't a Super Big Win cause you were betting MAX BET and the fan may not be one of the top symbols.    If you got that same configuration with the ladies, that definitely would've gotten the Super.    But if I got your bonus, I'd definitely be grinning from ear to ear.    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I always watch the remaining balance and love when a major hit happens when the well is pretty much dry. AWESOME HIT AND CONGRATS!!!
    A Big Fan,
    Wolfy 🙂

  5. This game doesnt have mega big win. This is one of the newer ones that has Big win and super big win. I think super hits at like 250 or 300x

  6. The first reel did not have a symbol on the second position which caused lines not to be registered so instead of a super it paid you a big win WMS SLOTS are like that my favorite one from them is Jungle Wild 3 and Great Eagle Returns

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