40 thoughts on “Super big 800x win on I Love Lucy slot machine

  1. Hi SlotGuru123 … thanks for posting this great video. I think a lot of people don't realize how much money you can make on "WIN IT AGAIN!". Another thought — if you cash out with the value in column 1 … there is a good chance you can take it home again (there is also a chance you will get none of it — but the chances are in your favor). If you think of it that way, it is like placing over $200 on a single bet! Fun to watch!

  2. My partner and I kept trying this slot, as he loves I Love Lucy but we just couldn't win anything. Nice to see someone kick its ass. 😉

  3. You have some 'splaining to do!!! LOL I love this machine, although in Colorado there are like 4 of these machines WTH? 🙂 Congrats

  4. Once I won in Vegas with the Lucy Show Slot. I loved it. Why not put all this games in a collection to sell in stores?. No matter what u have I love all your games. I am glad u check all these games from Vegas.

  5. I know if my partner of 8 years and I were to win that money we would both be very happy!

  6. I would have been screaming, I tend to get a little overexcited in the casino. Perhaps it is the cocktails!

  7. i ADORE this game. So sad that the casino by my house removed this machine. :c

  8. just got done winning a lil over a hundo on this game! nice win dude!!! love this game!

  9. still haven't seen anyone win anything close to this on this game. big congrats.

  10. Cascading win it again slots are really fun. Grats on the win. I've never made that much on them before. There is one called All That Glitters 2 that I really like.

  11. Oh my gawd Oh my gawd I like totally won $600 back to san Francisco I go for the pride parade. Oh my gawd

  12. Perfect example of why they called this machine "Win it again". Great math model! If you didn't know, you could have cashed out after that last 'win it again' and there was a good chance you would have gotten some or all of that banked money. Great video!

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  14. This was great! They seem to have taken this game out of all the casinos. I can't find it anymore. Awesome win!

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