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** SUPER BIG WIN ** 88 Fortunes ** n Others ** SLOT LOVER **

12 thoughts on “** SUPER BIG WIN ** 88 Fortunes ** n Others ** SLOT LOVER **

  1. Great wins! Congratulations. I haven't been to casino in awhile. Saving up money for a trip! Generally what is your win/loss ratio? And how often do you go casino? Local? Sorry it's 20 question day. Lol. I like your sub titles not because I don't understand you but sometimes I watch very late at night most of time & I hate ear phones so I turn sound off of down low watch on my iPhone. 😊🎰 Doesn't wake the hubby.

  2. A great collection of wins.
    We have Larry Lobster 2 at my casino. They used to pay well but tight as hell now.

  3. That was a nice compilation of videos. I guess I have to say 88 Fortunes was the best this time. Wicked Winnings II will always be my favorite game, and I like slot's like Everi's Rumple Stilt Skin because I'm in my second childhood. Neptune's Quest is the only one I hadn't seen before. I know you have posted another Lady Falconeur game because I see I referred to it when I commented on Random$$slots game. Hard to keep the comments short when there are so many games I could talk about. Hard to keep the games straight when I watch so many of them. : )

  4. Nice win on the 88 fortunes machine
     One tip as I have seen it happen twice
     Do no0t be in a hurry to get out of the jackpot screen when you are playing the pick
     I playe dthis machine in Louisiana and hit the minor I thought
     IN a couple of seconds it fliped from the minor to the major for 987.00
     A few weeks latter at a casino in okla . A guy picked and hit the minor and in a few seconds it flipped and he hit the major for 1200 plus
     I am not sure if they were due to pay or if a malfunction but two different mahines two different casinos makes me think it is not a malfunction
     He and I both had tow of everything but the grand
     When I picked the last pick and it came up minor .I said well better than mini and then it flipped

  5. I saw someone last night (Friday December 29th, 2017) playing that game with the female devil and she was up & down with winning; this wasn't a video I was really standing and sitting watching her play

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