12 thoughts on “SUPER BIG WIN! “CAN-CAN” Slot w/ SDGuy (Slot Machine Bonus / Max Bet!)

  1. I would definitely visit Bellagio on my visit to Vegas in September just to play this game. I am going to make a video for you BrentWolgamott

  2. Thanks for making this video and all the ones you do. Ended up playing this at Pechanga and it was the paying machine of the night 40 dollars into about 260, at 60cents bet. I did two videos ended up playing more than recording.

  3. SDGUY not wanting Brent to hit big on the 4x 1 spin is pretty hilarious,the sociopath life of a slot player as you want to win has to be someone pretty important to you playing for you not to secretly hope they lose.

  4. Brent's wife was murdered and Brent was falsely accused,he now travels from place to place in search of the one armed bandit,a truck driver that is rumored to give the best handjobs in the country and the real killer(probably Diet Coke).

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