12 thoughts on “Super Big Win! Country Girl Slot Machine Bonus-with Albert!

  1. Fantastic!  I love when the first slot you go to gives up a little!  Congrats!

  2. Great win! I love this game also! I have played it in Tunica a few times and have done really well on it. One time I won the Maxi progressive on it.

  3. Nice win Diana. I tried this slot in AC at Harrahs, didn't do well but I'm not giving up. I'm going to try at a different casino. Love the video, keep winning!

  4. great video, going to vegas in a couple weeks. i hope im as lucky. never seen a cow girl machine though.

  5. Diana,just saw a pic of you (forgive me) you're fine s as (Lord have mercy on me) keep doing what you're doing (and with crazy ad guy..and Albert) God BLESS you ****y..(Pookie from da Bronx)

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