** SUPER BIG WIN ** Golden Power Ingots n others ** SLOT LOVER **

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Where Do I play :
1. Harrah Northern California
2. Atlantis, Reno
3. Peppermill Reno

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** SUPER BIG WIN ** Golden Power Ingots n others ** SLOT LOVER **

19 thoughts on “** SUPER BIG WIN ** Golden Power Ingots n others ** SLOT LOVER **

  1. The slots with so many lines like makes it seem like you can win a fortune because they're so many lines when in fact they just pay way less then the normal slot lines so your total win is either the same or less then a normal 25 line slot.

  2. Great win on Golden Power Ingots, interesting game!  Also love that bonus on Sammy, the whole screen was a picture of him, great win.

  3. That Golden Power game, looks pretty awesome! Shame you did not get the bonus, but I am sure you will go back for it! The almost full screen of Sammy I thought would have yielded more, but $450 is pretty awesome for an $8 bet. Fun to watch! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I liked the Golden Power Ingots game best I think. It's hard to know whether to quit and take the money or play on and hope for more.I guess it didn't matter. You still came out ahead.

  5. This game is a Winner definitely worth playing thank you for showing it. Love your videos! Good luck!

  6. That first game was super cool, Golden Power Ingots….where'd you play that at? Also the last game was interesting too, TYFS!!!

  7. I think it's great that you win like you do. So you go on weekends. If I may be bold enough to ask…how much does it take to win as many hand pays as you win? The reason I ask is I live in MA and go to one of the CT casinos and used to win better but now I don't do as well and no one seems to win like the old days. Unless I'm just not there at the right time to see anyone winning big. I also know someone who will go with $5000 and do nothing. It's really sad.

  8. That was a great line hit in the beginning! Maybe the bonus next time! 😎👍🏽🍀🍀🍀🍀

  9. Not really but thank you for responding. I guess I don't take time to research casinos…how do you even do that? The casinos are there to make money so i guess I don't get it. Carry on.

  10. Thank you for responding. I do look out when I go to see how the machines are doing. it would be better to go to Atlantic city or Vegas. Don't get me wrong, I have hit some good jackpots at the casino I go to in CT. In regards to comps, they don't give much here, you have to spend quite a bit to get decent comps and free play. Keep up the good work.

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