*SUPER BIG WIN!* LEGEND OF THE WHITE BUFFALO | Slot Machine Bonus (Cadillac Jack / AGS)

Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

Super Big Win on The Legend of the White Buffalo slot machine by Cadillac Jack (AGS). Saw a bank of these games in Atlantic City and thought I’d give them a try for the first time. If they always pay like this, I’m playing them some more LOL. Music on this machine was faint so I added in some music during the live play portion of this video.

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*SUPER BIG WIN!* LEGEND OF THE WHITE BUFFALO | Slot Machine Bonus (Cadillac Jack / AGS)

44 thoughts on “*SUPER BIG WIN!* LEGEND OF THE WHITE BUFFALO | Slot Machine Bonus (Cadillac Jack / AGS)

  1. over a year at the borgata played it few times..that was fantastic hit..thank god that buffalo sneaked in the corner..nice work..way to lean in with the hundred instead of walking away.

  2. What a bonus! Now if only I can do that with a $1.00 bet. lol. Currently, on a budget. Congrats and thanks for the video. 😉

  3. Very nice bonus! We have a couple different variations of this at my local. One with cat eyes and one with butterflies…tough games here

  4. Great win AL.
    As for the question do they always pay like this, ah no.
    Been playing them for awhile and you notice I have no videos lol

  5. That one spin shocked me as much as you! New game to me.. I'll keep my eyes open for it. Nice showing Albert!! Thanks!

  6. Great win Albert. You know how to find different games. 🙂
    Well done.

  7. Congratulations on this huge win. it reminds me of some Bally slot video, where one spin was huge and the others were nothing. Anyway, I barely do well on cadillac games.

  8. next time you are in AC reach out.. i will come by and say hello..Gmail me cubavegas911@gmail.com

  9. Wow. I was just about to say it drained $55 from you before hitting a feature, and I expected it would be a weak pay, but $517 is pretty damn good. Well done!

  10. Nice hit Albert, I'll cross my fingers for them continuing to pay like this 🙂

  11. Wow, that is the biggest win I've ever seen on these games! I gave up long ago on them, good for you Albert, congrats!

  12. Looks like really fun to play! another spinoff of BUFFALO!!!! I wonder if these machines will ever reach  the west coast?

  13. Haha, awesome surprise win there! I think this game has been at the locals for years now, but I never tried it. Very nice indeed, congrats!

  14. About 2 months ago I was at Valley View Casino here in SoCal. I was playing a machine next two this game. An older woman sat down and played this machine, and started reading the rules..which she didn't really get, so I explained the jist of the game. She also was having a hard time getting the machine to take her $100. I smoothed out the $100, it took it, and on about her 4th spin she gets the bonus, like 32 free games. She ended up getting a handpay of $3200++ It was unreal to witness the whole thing

  15. Terrific Win Albert! So glad you got that! Guess you will be playing this slot again. 🙂

  16. nice!! by the way, what's the name of the epic music you chose for the vid? I love music like that! and great vid and win! Albert

  17. I'm surprised not alot of people know about this game. It has alot of potential. If you had another white buffalo symbol on the last reel, That couldve been a HP or close to it.

  18. Never seen so many wilds on this type of game! If you had a white buffalo on the far right reel do you know how much you would of won?

  19. I thought Cadillac Jack games were Class II slots, but I don't see the bingo card so I must be wrong. Whatever kind of game it is, I'm thrilled you did so well.

  20. Sorry I also didn't point out that not only would you receive a hand pay if White Buffalo appeared on the far right reel but; also the White Buffalo image on the far left reel! Still a great bonus! I was playing another machine at Quest Casino, Airway Hights, WA. I believe it's called Fire Horse? Playing 5.00 and hit 800.00 in the play. I believe I only had 4 wilds but; Fire Horses all the way across. That 5th one is a killer!

  21. Garbage pay, garbage pay, garbage pay, oh wait there's a nice one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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