Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

This is Konami gaming Mayan Chief Xtra-Reward slot machine 300 spins bonus with credit prize selection BIG WIN!

Here we are another big spins bonus on Mayan Chief slot machine. You can also read what’s going on in my mind during bonus spins since I don’t talk much when I record my bonuses. enjoy.

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19 thoughts on “** SUPER BIG WIN** MAYAN CHIEF slot machine 300 SPINS BONUS!

  1. Nice win!!!! Yep those spins weren't giving up anything. Good choice. Glad it paid off for you 🙂

  2. That turned out pretty decent. I always get the lowest prize which is frustrating! Thanks for sharing – Rene

  3. OH! BLUE, I had the same thing happen to me. Of course it was @ 45 cent bet, but it was 200 spins! Waiting for BIG WINS, well it took over 45 min. to play out! I had to call a friend over so I could go to restroom! was a little over excited! Well it turned out to be a little over $200.00!!! Was very happy!!   Glad you won so much!!!!!

  4. Good choice, Blue. The way those wheels were rolling you picked the right way to go. Great win on your initial $20!

  5. Better than the math you had arrived to! LOL! That's a nice win! I find that usually the "better spins" are at the end, but patience is a virtue 🙂

  6. Good win Blue and very nice for $2.25 bet. I've been looking at these Credit Prize amounts lately and before I saw it, I knew what one of the possible amounts was going to be. Seems it's either Min/Max or 16.6%/33.3%/66.6% of the Max. Either way, good thing the amount was greater than your expectation!

  7. Not bad your reels had hesitation, maybe it's worn out. Great win on twenty dollars.

  8. I've had those painful free spins before too.  Glad when you took the $, it gave you something really decent! Congrats!

  9. Good win Blue, and good decision…. I have had bad bad luck on the credit, but for you it worked out.. And nicely at that! Good video….

  10. Sometimes that credit prize can better the bonus is willing to pay plus the fact on how much you put in there is absolutely fantastic!

  11. I always think, if I put $20 in the bank, how much interest would I get for a year? Look what you got for a half an hour or so.

  12. Same thing happened tp me dead spin after dead spin on 440 games I should have selected the cash. I let it play out had 328dollars

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