SUPER BIG WIN on Royal Mint!!

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During a Duo Grind of Royal Mint we stumbled upon this random bonus before the heartstopper feature. Only with a 3x multiplier the purple symbols lined up and surprised with quite a remarkable big win!

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Outro Song(if existing): Codeko – Crest[NCS Release]

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SUPER BIG WIN on Royal Mint!!

12 thoughts on “SUPER BIG WIN on Royal Mint!!

  1. I know it's a huge win but when you deposit 1700 it does not seem that big a deal. it would be to anyone who only deposited a few quid or appreciated it bit this guy wins so much so often it just dont seem such a big deal.

  2. i’m going to grind royal mint tomorrow with. £500 balance do u think i’ll have enough balance for £2 stake

  3. When I first started following you over a year ago, I thought your name was Boris not moritz or whatever it is. lol

  4. never win anymore these days 3 diff casino 3 deposit all lose not a sniff of tease of bous. time to stop

  5. Don't fall for the big win. 1700 in to get 2500 out on a 4 euro bet is not that big of a win. Don't gamble streamers are online to make money they don't care as long as they get the views and sub. Its their full time job.

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