Super Big Win on Soaring Wings “High Limit” By Slot Lover

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Where Do I play :
1. Harrah Northern California
2. Atlantis, Reno
3. Peppermill Reno

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Super Big Win on Soaring Wings “High Limit” By Slot Lover

9 thoughts on “Super Big Win on Soaring Wings “High Limit” By Slot Lover

  1. Woo hoo SL you did great!  Two of my favorite slots, Golden Eagle and Fire Pearl!  Outstanding wins.  You and Mrs. have a great weekend, hope it is not too cold there!

  2. Thanks for playing this Soaring Wings game. I play it on Facebook all the time. Never seen anyone on YouTube play it before.

  3. Great win on Soaring Wings, and nice win on everything else. I was surprised by Frisco Red's comment. I didn't know your wife was with you. I thought she had to stay in San Francisco area to work. That's nice if she's with you.

  4. I finally got my YouTube issues fixed! Yay! I'm amazed at how well you could film considering how you had to hold the phone. Nice job! Nice wins, too. How do you feel about the machines with the black backgrounds and dark primary colors? You played one a couple of videos back that was really hard on the eyes. They are definitely not my cup of tea.

  5. Get out of that casino…. with all of those max bets only one bonus or line hit paid over $200. Only one!! Nice video though.

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