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29 thoughts on “** SUPER BIG WIN ** PANDA QUEEN n Others ** SLOT LOVER **

  1. If there are other slot machines of the exact one then you could allow a player to play more than one at a time. But if all of the same type are being used show some courtesy and only play one machine at a time. Some casinos even put a little sign on the popular slots that only one machine at a time can be used by the same player to allow others to play.

  2. There really is nothing more irritating than seeing someone playing more than one machine during busy times. If it's late at night, I don't see a problem.

  3. I get annoyed by all people that play multiple a lot machines at once, especially if it's busy. There are also those who will put up a row of chairs to show that they're saving them for "friends" it's rude and you don't own the casino.

  4. Way to go on Panda Queen, great progressive bonus, what a surprise! Great going SL! I enjoyed that bonus you had on Twice the Money, that 8X multiplier was really cool. The last game Scatter Shot was really great and that looked like a fun game. In regards to question, I think there needs to be more regulation or amount of time to play two machines. I was in a Bossier City, Louisiana casino last year and I wanted to play a Konami game and there were only 2 machines available for this game, there was 2 families playing those 2 machines for hours and I never was able to get on there. If I had taken off during the week and gone like Monday thru Thursday I would have been able probably get on but I was there on Friday and Saturday which are always busy times for casinos. Have a great weekend.

  5. I think it's rude playing multiple machines. I saw a couple go around and reserve games that had high jackpots.

  6. The Casinos do not care….they make double the money from one person and get wiped out quicker or another reasoning is they do not care because what if no one comes and sits in the seat…One night I had to replace my card and she handed me two and then said "Just in case your playing two machines..you will not lose out on points" I do not like it….but obviously the Casino's do.

  7. It's annoying especially at busy times it's become a problem at my local , there's always at times 1 person taking up 3 lightning Link machines . Like really all 3 , are you that selfish that you don't want someone to win from a machine that you put $100.00 into 🙄lol hahaha

  8. Yeah that's pretty annoying to be honest. I hit a Handpay one time next to a lady that was playing 3 machines and she almost died ☹️

  9. If u put your money in the machine, THEN its yours to play!!! So YES, should be allowed!!

    BUT IF they're NOT playing (just put $$) and it shouldn't be allowed for people who aren't playing to just sit at the machine (not using it, when others CAN!) when its REALLY REALLY busy.

  10. I am not particularly lucky there,but Pechanga in Southern California, is the only casino that I know, that does not allow anyone to hog a machine. If someone else wants to play they have to choose one. I love that about them

  11. as long as they are playing them…yes… if they are just holding them for later use then …NOOOOO! its really i annoying if that happens. the only time i actually do it is when i waiting for my handpay. killing the time…i think that a different story though

  12. I'm ok with players playing two Machines at at time as long as they are really playing. What I am not a fan of is for someone to leave credits on one machine and start playing another one thinking they can hit something after another player's losing session

  13. Drives me crazy when some one says they are playing a machine that only has pennies in it ,while they are playing another

  14. My biggest pet peeve.At Dover Downs,they have four Mayan Chief. People will sit there ALL day betting .45 cents, playing multiple machines. When they go to lunch AND dinner, they are turned off!!! This goes on for hours!! I spoke to someone and told them, I'm not a business major, but as I sit here and wait to play one of these machines, it doesn't make good business sense when I'm going to be betting between $1.35 and $2.25, and the machines are turned off. They tell me, yeah, this comes up at our meetings… well obviously nothing is being done.

  15. I hate when a person is playing 3 machines during busy times but what is worse is when they play ALL on .10 bets…Really pisses me off….LOL

  16. you are a lucky guy and i love the fact that you try all different kind of slots. Thanks for posting. I always enjoy watching you play.

  17. Panda Queen was very nice to you with almost $700 on your cash out ticket. But it's also fun to see old games we haven't seen in a long time like the John Wayne winning stream game.. Good variety of game.

  18. If the casino is crowded, only one machine. More than once another player's money is inserted into the machine. At my local on a busy evening three was a husband and wife playing 5 popular machines.

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