SUPER BIG WIN! “PRINCESS BRIDE” Slot (2cent / $3 bet)

Super Big Slot Wins Video Information:

If you want to know the WHOLE story about the guy who stole my mom’s slot ticket (TITO), and why they may not have banned him for more than a month, see here:

2 cent machine / $3.00 bet / Horseshoe Cinci

This happened about 8 minutes after my first Super Big Win. Strangely, this win looks AWFULLY similar. Nearly the same line up. Very rare to get two SUPER BIG WINS back to back.

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SUPER BIG WIN! “PRINCESS BRIDE” Slot (2cent / $3 bet)

21 thoughts on “SUPER BIG WIN! “PRINCESS BRIDE” Slot (2cent / $3 bet)

  1. Oh my gosh! I literally thought that this was the same video of the first super big win that you posted of this game. I had to literally go back and watch the first vid and it's definitely not the same! How unusual! Not to mention this is a tough game! With that bonus in particular I usually only get those damn boulders, so I stopped playing it altogether! But anyway, fantastic win!

  2. Way to go. What is up with people stealing? That happened to my local I saw a man pick up a Tito put I his pocket, then he put it in the machine I was for 678.00 I started calling him a thief pushed my service button they caught him and he was banned for ever. More then a slap on the hands.

  3. Awesome fezzik win. I walked away from TITOS a couple times by accident. Luckily there was a nice person sitting there guarding it for me when I ran back in a panic, lol. Awful when people just take it….

  4. I love these wins with 'Fezzik', who is actually "Andre the Giant" the wrestler. I saw him once in Portland, Oregon at at a wrestling match. He was "Huge" but a very sweet guy. Sadly he has passed away.

  5. So your mom had $90 in a machine left it alone, the guy walks up and hits the collect button and pushes out her money? 

  6. Brent you should have talked to security immediately. If someone grabbed your moms ticket they will review the tapes for her and give the guy the option to give the ticket back or leave immediately. Theft in a casino will always result in a 1 year ban.

  7. Hi Brent … sweet win … for sure!  This game is just not easy to find around here.  I would be giving it lots of play if I could find it!  Love the Fireswamp!

  8. Brett, I'm originally from Northern Kentucky and I've been to the the Horseshoe in Cincy about 15 times, and I can honestly tell you that many of the people there will rob you blind.  I've been asked for money there by homeless people several times, and I've seen at least a handful of people kicked out for fighting.  I'm glad they got the guy and your mom's money.  As far as criminals go, I practice criminal law and can honestly tell you that nothing ceases to amaze me.

  9. Same thing happened to me. I left my ticket in the slot and forgot to cash it out as my husband wanted me to see his slot win nearby. After realizing I didn't cash out I went back to the slot machine I was playing and someone had cashed it out. I told security and the cameras found the person who had done it. They got my money back ($95.00) and told me they had banned that person from the casino for life.

  10. There's a shortage of perfect movies in the world, it would be a shame to ruin it by turning it into a slot machine.

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