1. Hi there…I live in Colorado , moving to Vegas next April. We lived In Henderson a couple years back (hubby military retired) We also love to play the slots. Been watching your videos…very nice!

  2. QH is one of my fave games. My best win is 8 out of 9 QH. Never hit 9 yet. Someday though.

  3. They use to have a row of machines like this at a casino in Oklahoma.
     You could play them for hours. Hitting 5 ,6 and 7 Quick hits over and over was the norm
      the 8 and 9 amount would grow to really big payouts before you could hit them
     You dare not set down at one of those machines and not play max bet like you can at other quick hits
     Everyone on that row would call you out
     If you played on 30 or 60 cents the 8 and 9 would hit but would not pay max but then would not hit on the max bet  
     I saw people threatened within an inch of their life and even have to get security involved
     Sadly the machines are now so tight they set empty

  4. This was you last video for a while. Recently posted about you on my site! Take care!

  5. Nice channel. I just gave ya a sub and some likes. Just started my channel last week, check it out.

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