32 thoughts on “SUPER BIG WIN!! (RARE HIT) “UP UP & AWAY” Slot Machine Bonus (w/ SLOT CHICK!)

  1. That was awesome. I've hit 2500 before but I was betting minimum so it was a whopping 25$. Lol!

  2. Awesome win, Brent!!! That was fun!!! I've never seen that top prize awarded before either! Congrats and thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  3. Great bonus Brent – congratulations! Sure miss slot talk but definitely understand. Hoping to see some more winning!

  4. Brent I do know.. You have more class and heart than stdguy123 . I dnt think he is a friend at ALL stick with the ones who bring you up! Peace keep winning!

  5. Fabulous, that's the best I've seen on this Monopoly game. Good team work with you and Slot Chick!

  6. Hi, I am really into your channel and getting into slots myself. Out of curiosity, are your winnings greater than your losses since you started playing? Also, what is your favorite slot game/feature? Thanks and keep up the awesome videos!

  7. Awesome win you all!! Love slot chick!! Yes she's lucky and awesome! Agreed! Great vid!

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