SUPER BIG WIN!!!! *SLOTSKY* Slot Machine Bonus (Nickel Denom)

Super Big Win Video Information:

SLOTSKY “Egg Bonus” — Nickel Denomination ($3.00 bet):

I did it! I made it to the end of the SLOTSKY bonus! I haven’t seen another video on Youtube that has done this, so I was THRILLED. Not even SDGuy has a video of the end of the bonus!

Taped at the MONTE CARLO in Las Vegas. Nickel Denom – $3.00 bet

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SUPER BIG WIN!!!! *SLOTSKY* Slot Machine Bonus (Nickel Denom)

12 thoughts on “SUPER BIG WIN!!!! *SLOTSKY* Slot Machine Bonus (Nickel Denom)

  1. "Thank you sdguy for turning me on"… If i had a dime for everytime someone said that. Also, stupid bitchface, you can only get a stampede if you find the big duck on the first pick on a level. Dumbass!

  2. Regards to picking the dome. Those are always the ones you need to watch for, which one would you LEAST likely pick. Knew right away you would go for the left one, but i knew the top was most NOT likely to get picked. Lots of psychology in slots to determine the outcome.

  3. Great video, wish they had more like this where you can get to the end of a bonus like Denver Duck.

  4. Rats I'll miss you guys as I'm going to Vegas in September and Oct is my AC trip. I need help locating a Tabasco Country Store bonus video machine while in Vegas. Any idea where I can find it? I want to film it. Give me a few games to play at Venetian as well and I'll video for fun. I'll do my impressions of all you guys! Bwahahaha I love Slotsky great picks. Is it only at MC?

  5. If that was the last round of the bonus, what would have happened if you picked one of the Slotskys instead of the bear? Would it be a stampede or would you get a new set of eggs?

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